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elevate cbd oil review

Shortly after my shoulder injury in 2016, I applied for an received my Arizona state medical marijuana “green card” to purchase pain-relieving THC-infused products at dispensaries throughout the state. AZ is one of the 30 states where medicinal marijuana is legal, hence the required step to attain a card. If you’re reading this in Colorado, Washington, Nevada, or the 6 other states along with Washington D.C. where marijuana sales have been legalized, no green card is necessary.

Pain & Inflammation-wise, Elevate Pain Relief Cream provided relief for about 3-4 hours, as each day I’d notice some discomfort about a half hour before the next application. I found the relief to be on-par with 400mg of ibuprofen taken at the same intervals.

What is CBD?

I’ve been using both the Heating and Cooling Elevate Pain Relief Cream for just over a month, and have seen some positive results. I was initially unsure about the pain relief benefits from CBD (Cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp) in the muscle rubs and after a month of use I’ve experienced less pain and inflammation in my right shoulder which has been an issue for quite some time after tearing my labrum at the biceps and pectoral insertion point a few years ago. While the injury itself has somewhat healed, I still face daily issues with inflammation impinging nerves and causing radiating pain down my right arm. Elevate Pain Relief Cream has been effective in eliminating inflammation for 3-4 hours per application, and the cooling or heating muscle rub both provide an enjoyable sensation that feels like it’s working to loosen my muscles as well.

Overall, I find the scent to be pleasant and the topical cooling/heating to be very enjoyable. When massaging the cream into a sore muscle, the pain relief seems to begin almost instantly. Cleanup is easy with soap, I did miss a spot on a finger and accidentally rub a little in my eye, but it only stung for a moment and easily flushed out with water. The application was quick and easy, and I appreciated the ability to apply a pain reliever directly where I needed it, versus popping a pill.

About 3 months ago, the inflammation from overuse became nearly unbearable again, and it took about 2000mg of ibuprofen a day to alleviate the pain radiating from my right shoulder through my right hand. Eager to find another solution, I began looking into CBD creams and just happened to connect with my friend Justin who is connected to Elevate CBD. When he offered me a month’s supply to try, I jumped at the chance. Aside from the rub, he also provided CBD gum and mints. The mints were extremely helpful dealing with a sore throat, and were pleasant-tasting, at only 8 in a package, they were gone in less than a week – and luckily my extremely irritated throat along with it.

The Elevate CBD strips are one of the stronger CBD products that I have tried, and I have tried a lot of them. I have also tried a lot of Elevate’s other products, including doing an Elevate CBD gum review, and the strips are by far their best product, and my gauge for best is usually what is strongest. Strength on these is unmatched by anything else in their product line. I did not try vaping their drops, but oral application of it did not work so well, so I expected these CBD strips to be weak since it is also taken orally, but I was wrong.

Elevate CBD strips dissolve quickly in your mouth and give you fast relief. They remind me of the Listerine Pocketpak dissolvable strips and have a very similar form factor. I found these to be one of the fastest ways to medicate with CBD.

Strength on these would keep me coming back for more. Very effective pain relief.

Elevate Dissolving Strips Prove Strong

Elevate CBD dissolving strips come in this bag.

The back of the package just contains some basic info about CBD. The products are manufactured by Axcentria Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Looking at their services page it appears to be some type of co-packing plant.

Elevate CBD strips are thin strips of edible film that contain CBD oil in them. They pack a potent punch of relief and are simple to use. Here we go a comparison of this to other CBDs in this Elevate CBD review.

After also trying the drops, spray, and gum, I can say that the CBD dissolvable strips are Elevate’s best product so far. If I was looking for quick relief that lasted long, I would go straight to the strips. Check out their CBD dissolving strips page to get yours.