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enhance brand cbd oil

A small British brand that’s relatively new to the scene, Bud & Tender use both CO2 and ethanol for extraction and filtration.

If taste is a deal-breaker, MedTerra’s CBD oils have got you covered. The oils are flavoured with the likes of citrus – which tastes like you’re sucking on a lemon sherbet.

There are measurements on the pipette if you want to ensure that you are taking an accurate dose.

Bud & Tender CBD oil, 1000mg

As CBD is only just beginning to be taken seriously in the medical industry, there are currently very few conclusive scientific studies on the topic. However, CBD is believed to have significant therapeutic properties.

But where to start? There are so many different strains and strengths of CBD on the market, and the UK seems to be in a constant state of confusion over the legality of these products. Even the CBD producers themselves describe it as “a semi-cowboy market” that “somewhat resembles the Wild West.”

The ideal introduction to the world of CBD, luxury wellness label CBII has crafted this dynamic duo set. It contains both a 2 per cent and 5 per cent oil, so you can sample the lesser concentration for around a week or so before moving onto the higher percentage.

Trial and error is a necessary part of the process to find a product that works for you, because what works for one person won’t necessarily have the same effect on others.

“Our products sole ambition is to help everyone feel their best, by bringing back that balance between mind and body that can so easily be disrupted”

Take 2-5 drops under the tongue twice daily.

Our cannabidiol range was produced on the same belief as our business practices we want to continue to push the barrier out with our production methods producing quality innovative products.

Important Information

5 ml – 2-3 weeks usage

Download Lab Report * Please note: this CBD product is a supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Download Lab Report * Please note: this CBD product is a supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

All our products are 100% natural, using the best extraction processes in the industry, leaving nothing but a pure quality product. Our products are independently lab tested to ensure the highest grade and products can be purchased in varying sizes and flavours. We seek to help as many people ease their ailments safely and effectively by finding the right product for you.

Don’t rush into it, research your products and brands and choose high quality CBD products that come with a positive reputation. We include Enhanced CBD Health in this category as we use the very best ingredients combined with the latest absorption technology to ensure your body absorbs the CBD you’re paying for!

CBD oil is the result of extracting CBD from a hemp plant. This can either be isolated – isolate – or can be combined with other beneficial compounds from hemp – full spectrum. It is thought that by containing other compounds which may enhance the effectiveness of the CBD, that you can achieve something known as ‘the entourage effect’.

Once you’ve felt the results and understand how it impacts you, you can slowly start to increase your dosage as necessary. Always consult a medical professional if you are unsure.

What to do if you’re brand new to CBD and CBD oil

As discussed, doses can be taken in a variety of ways depending on your preference; you can add CBD oil to vapes, edibles, creams or with our treated CBD water.

With CBD becoming so popular, it’s important to know the facts and understand more about this active cannabidiol, away from any hear’say and misinformation.

CBD oil works through digestion and is absorbed by the body quickly, at which point you can start to benefit from the reported effects. Naturally, CBD has the ability to bind with receptors in our body.

A phytocannabinoid, CBD has become hugely popular in the last few years and has been at the centre of many international legislation changes and high-impact stories in the press.