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fake cbd oil

As in any industry, CBD manufacturers are beholden to public opinion. If consumers suddenly decided not to accept dangerous hemp products, the industry would shape up overnight. Now’s the time to make your voice known, and there’s no better way than voting with your dollar.

Let’s wrap up a few loose ends before we conclude:


Summary: As cannabidiol becomes more popular, the danger of fake CBD products rises as well. Learn how to identify fake hemp products, and trust Secret Nature for genuine CBD and bonafide cannabis industry intel.

Tired of slogging through five separate checkout screens to purchase your CBD products? A clunky, outdated checkout page can be a sign that a CBD company doesn’t have its act together.

How many reviews, on average, does each product on the company’s site have? Most Secret Nature products have over ten verified customer reviews, and many of our products have far more than that.

Throughout our time researching CBD, we’ve observed a few common themes. The first is that people will respond variably to CBD at differing doses. In other words, CBD affects everyone a bit differently. What CBD will not do is get you high. That’s the problem here. If you’ve ever bought fake weed, you know that the first time you tried to blaze up with it, the taste wasn’t there and there was no high. You knew immediately that what you bought was fake. The difference with CBD is that it does not make you high and you can’t actually feel the effects of it. Instead, people will say things like “I feel less anxiety” or “I’m able to sleep better at night” or “I feel less pain” which are all great benefits but also could result from other factors. One reason you could experience an improvement is because of something called “the placebo effect” which seems to be more powerful the more you spend. An $80 bottle of real CBD tincture better do something, otherwise you wasted your money. Nobody wants to feel like they wasted money.

13 companies received certification – Credit: U.S. Hemp Roundtable

The Effects of CBD

In our last few articles we looked at several large CannaBiDioL (CBD) companies – Elixinol and Charlotte’s Web – which present investors with a couple of pure plays on the CBD theme and have the financials to prove it. (Both of these companies produce real CBD oil extract taken from the cannabis plant.) While writing these pieces, we spent some time talking with industry experts and realized there’s a real problem out there when it comes to fake CBD oil being sold. Before we get into that, we’re going to talk about why fake CBD tincture is so problematic.

Founded in 2016, the U.S. Hemp Authority is a tax-exempt organization, legally independent of other hemp organizations and companies, and is not a governmental body or regulatory agency. The effort is presently being funded by the U.S. Hemp Roundtable – a coalition of dozens of hemp companies – that represent every link of the product chain, from seed to sale. They’ve developed a 43-page Guidance Plan which provides some set procedures for growers and producers to follow which the industry has collectively agreed upon. Those companies that adopt these guidelines are then considered to be “certified” and will then presumably adorn their product labels with a stamp of approval. The first Guidance Plan – Version 1.0 – has resulted in 13 companies receiving certification and they’re currently working on Guidance Plan 2.0.

Search for CBD Oil on Amazon and you’ll get over 1,000 results. It’s not a good idea to try and sift through these and find a winner. Instead of spending time and money trying to validate the legitimacy of the many CBD brands out there coming out of the woodwork, why not let someone else handle this? Turns out the U.S. Hemp Authority was put together for that purpose. While the name sounds legitimate, we don’t just assume they are. A look at their website shows their leadership team and their history which we’ll try and paraphrase here.

cbd is federally unregulated and any medical claims tied to its efficacy are not only unsubstantiated, but are also being made illegally. if you are looking into any cbd product that makes claims to cure any type of health condition, pass a drug test, etc., you are looking at a fake cbd product.

it’s easy to get sticker shock from cbd products, especially knowing cbd is a long-term solution. it is an investment into your health, and the good news is that you can find high quality organic broad spectrum cbd at an affordable price as long as you do your homework and become an educated buyer.

one of those ways is to see if the company is active and engaging on social media. the cbd community is an active one. it is ever-evolving, and a company that hasn’t shown its face in months or years is likely not committed to staying on top of providing high-quality cbd.

are you staying away from amazon for cbd?

the 2018 us farm bill made american-grown hemp legal in all 50 states. with that comes regulations regarding the growing and cultivating of hemp that can help ensure the hemp that is being extracted for your cbd product is clean and safe for consumption.

hemp seed oil may be sold as many other misleading terms to imply cbd content, including hemp oil, cannabis seed oil, or cannabis sativa oil. while hemp seed oil and cbd oil both contain many of the same benefits for your body, especially when it comes to your skin and hair , the main difference is that hemp seed oil contains no cbd .

the chemical composition of synthetic cannabinoids such as “spice” or “k2” allows them to bind to receptors in the brain just like thc. unlike naturally occuring thc, however, these synthetic cannabinoids are sprayed onto plant material and can have much stronger, unnatural effects on the body that lead to the unwanted side effects mentioned in the previous paragraph.

you deserve the best cbd at the best price and there is a way you can be sure that product ends up in your hands. if you make sure any cbd product you buy passes every item on our checklist below, you can be confident that your next (or first) bottle of cbd is legit.