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first class brand cbd oil

Heavy metals can have a wide range of effects on the human body. That’s why First Class Organics CBD products are manufactured, processed, purified and third party tested to ensure there are no heavy metals.

All of our products are produced in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities. This international accreditation ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It assures the identity, strength, quality and purity of products.

With First Class Organics CBD, we pride ourselves on the quality of products. We ensure that each and every product that comes from our facilities meets the high standard of quality. All of our products are made using state of the art technology in our GMP-certified facilities and are third-party lab tested to make sure each product delivers the results you are looking for. First Class Organics CBD is made using a proprietary process to create a pure, clean, quality oil that is safe and effective.


Gluten sensitivity is becoming more prevalent than ever. First Class Organics CBD products are made with gluten free hemp extract, so you do not have to worry about the side effects that may come with consuming gluten.

GMO foods have been linked to numerous issues. This is why all First Class Organics CBD hemp is Non GMO – meaning they are free from toxic chemicals, better for the environment, richer in nutrients and 100% natural

All First Class Organics CBD products are THC free or contain less than 0.3% THC (non-detectable THC), which is the legal limit. This means no mind-altering effects, superior quality and peace of mind for you.

Since hemp absorbs both the good and the bad from the air, water and soil in which it is grown, it is important hemp is grown organically. First Class Organics CBD is grown according to organic standards and free of foreign substances.

Customer service is Quick and Easy.

I got promotion buy 3 gummies (39.99) get 2 free.
Once i checked my c. Card immediately noticed there was a $209 pending transaction. I called and told them I wanted to cancel order. They gave me a refund of $71, I accepted and After 2 dyas I saw $71 refund and order arrived as programmed. AFter all i got a quality control call asking me if all was well and if I received the refund. I asked them also to take me out of their auto purchase option and they told me I was not in that list any more.
At least they answered all my calls, give explanations and most important they did all I asked. Hope their gummies work out.

Made an order on Dec 2nd 5 days later they took 10.95 out of my account. Even asked when placing order if they would be taking any more money out of my account. But they did. So they ended up give me 22.45 for refund, im still out $16.54, to which they told me. The amount refunded will be based on USD and any foreign currencies are based on an approximate daily exchange rate. I call bull$#*!

Critical highlights

As reported elsewhere, they apparently have small print that 14 days after your first trial order is placed you will be auto billed twice for $89. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't even received my 5 plus 2 trial, which also was deceiving including the 7.95 shopping scam others mentioned. The CBD is clear (filtered) and I can't tell yet if it works. The scam is unforgivable! Makes me sick to be a victim and ruins my whole outlook of buying online.

I ordered the trial $4.95 pain rub. I have a pinched nerve in back of neck, rotator cuff and lower back stiffness. Yea I'm a mess even though I continue to weight train. The pain rub does relieve inflammation but I have to apply it often. I emailed a few days after receiving the product to make sure I wouldn't get billed for $89.99 reorder. After a month I've not been charged and still have enough to last another month. I don't understand all these complaints. It's a good product and people need to be smarter about canceling reorders. I will reorder when I need to.

I received an email offer from "" to buy CBD gummies at 45% discount. Seemed like a good deal? This email came because Big Brother keeps an eye on our online shopping habits and makes money off of it. Woe is me, I forgot to read the ads' fine print about committing your life away using their clever/devious "Opt-in" technique.

I should have read the reviews before ordering from this company. They sent me the 4.95 test bottle and then like the others two weeks later they charged me $89 for it. I called them they claim it was in the small print. I asked them for the website he could not give me the website so that I can read the small print so I still don't believe it's there. I'm disputing this with my credit card company will see what happens but they are a total scam not legitimate