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fulfillment center cbd oil

We provide order fulfillment services to leading supplement brands, which sell CBD oil products online. We store your hemp-derived CBD items – from oils to capsules, creams to gummies – in our fulfillment centers, then pick, pack and despatch online orders to your customers.

Our UK fulfillment center is the ideal place to store CBD oil and hemp-derived products, thanks to:

Why use our CBD fulfillment service?

With growing interest in the health benefits of (cannabidiol), more and more retailers are beginning to sell CBD oil and other CBD-related products online. In this increasingly competitive market, it’s vital to build trust and loyalty with customers. And that’s where James and James Fulfillment comes in.

Our service is designed for small, lightweight, consumer items, making it perfect for CBD products. We’ll delight your customers with:

Depending on your capabilities, you could complete orders on your own. You can store your stock at home or in a rented office and use the local postal service to deliver your products to your customers. Or, you could store your inventory at a local warehouse to meet customer orders. This method is a great option for people who are just starting their CBD business and are not worried about too many customers or large order quantities. As demand increases, however, you may need to consider the other option.

The laws and regulations are constantly changing, and it would serve you to partner with a professional team that keeps up with these rules. At APS Fulfillment, Inc., we can adjust capacity and speed at your request to meet the requirements of your business and keep you competitive in the market.

In-House Fulfillment

Running a business today is a lot of work. From maintaining an online presence on social media, to providing an inventory on your online store, to managing your warehouse, to keeping your customers happy, there’s no shortage of work to be done. Juggling all these processes on your own as your business grows can become too much, resulting in mistakes, damaged orders, frustrated customers, and poor customer service. Finding the right way to handle your CBD fulfillment is essential to building your reputation as a quality, professional, trustworthy, competitive supplier. Here are some important points to help you find the right CBD fulfillment services for your business.

CBD is used as a natural medicine to ease pain, calm anxiety, prevent seizures caused by epilepsy, and much more. Because of its benefits, CBD is more widely accepted and legalized in the U.S., although it is still being closely monitored and regulated.

The final option is to hire a 3PL service, which enables you to complete orders without paying for storage space or hiring your own work force to perform warehousing responsibilities. You will still be in control of choosing the manufacturer of your product, but the 3PL provider will handle all the hands-on work of picking and packing, sorting, shipping, deliveries, and inventory management. If you choose a provider with multiple locations, it will allow you to send your products to a wider region of customers without paying high amounts for shipping.