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google adwords cbd oil

There is a lot to consider when setting up a CBD business and advertising, but thankfully…

We have found successful ways to overcome these restrictions. You can be creative too and find unique ways to advertise on these programs without violating ad platform policies.

Here’s a shortlist of great ways to advertise on Facebook & Google (search) while staying compliant.

So, that makes you wonder:

You must be sure not to include banned terms like “cannabis,” “CBD,” or other related keywords in your landing page and ad copy. Don’t use emojis with “bee” in words either!

What’s the best way to advertise CBD/hemp products online?

Surf the internet and you’re bound to at some point run into some form of CBD advertising. These compelling ads are rampant on not just social media platforms like Facebook, but also on search engines like Google with CBD SEO (search engine optimization).

Facebook has more than 2 billion users, and millions of people use Google every minute. With CBD marketing on these platforms, you can bring your brand to the attention of these people. You can even target the specific demographics that you’d like to sell your product to.

Extend Your Market Reach

Keep your CBD marketing effective and profitable by avoiding mentioning the following:

CBD SEO is still one of the most potent ways of performing online CBD marketing. It organically sends search engine users from search engine results to your website pages. With the content on your page, you can convert such visitors into buyers.

Before we go into how CBD marketing can benefit your business, and how to make it benefit your business, let’s take a quick look at what CBD is.