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green cbd oil reviews

Based out of Florida, Green Roads has 7 years in the CBD industry under its belt, which is much more than a lot of other CBD companies on the market.

Green Roads sources hemp plants grown within the United States (primarily from Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon and supports domestic farming efforts by partnering with American farms that maintain high standards and implement the best practices in hemp cultivation. Then, Green Roads tests every batch to ensure purity, potency, and safety. Lab reports are also super easy to access by simply scanning the QR code on the packaging to view the results specific to your product. Finally, you can expect excellent customer service from the Green Roads team, which I can attest to from my personal experience communicating with the company. 

The Green Roads story

In this review, I'll share what I discovered after trying a number of Green Roads' CBD products for myself, including some brand highlights and my top product picks. 

As the CBD market continues to expand, the number of CBD brands and products out there can start to feel overwhelming, which makes it tough to determine which ones are trustworthy and transparent. But Green Roads is one brand that has stood out since it was founded in 2013—long before the CBD hype even began.

Green Roads' huge portfolio of products is a huge draw for me. It has options for beginners and experts alike, with products galore, including CBD oils, gummies, topicals, and capsules across multiple CBD strengths, as well as pet products for your furry friends. One of my personal favorites is the brand's CBD dark chocolate, which I thought was delicious.


With so many tools available to keep consumers happy, there’s no reason for poor customer service. Indeed, most people won’t tolerate it. We look at everything from how responsive a brand is to answering our questions to how easy it is to place an order.

Best for: Those who want additional terpenes in their CBD oil

Best for: Those who want to try CBD oil with turmeric for potential pain relief

Company: Another reigning champ of the CBD industry is Bluebird Botanicals. The brand earned the Best Hemp Company award at the 2018 Cannabis Business Awards, proving its leadership in the industry. But there’s another reason for the popularity of this brand—it’s highly effective.

Perhaps you’re wondering how we can look at hundreds of CBD brands to come up with a list of the best CBD oils on the market. Narrowing them down is not easy! There are a lot of great companies to choose from. However, we look at some pretty specific factors to determine the top CBD products:

Shipping: Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping

Those who feel the 66 mg option is too much can opt for the 33 mg version, and if you’re concerned about trace amounts of THC, the tincture comes in a THC-free formulation.

Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating, which means it cannot get you high.

While Royal CBD may be a little pricer than some CBD oils, the all-natural and environmentally friendly approach may be worth the extra cost.

Having said that, these side effects are usually mild and only happened in studies using high doses of pure CBD. That means the average person is unlikely to experience them.

Check the Hemp Source

Then, the hemp is extracted with CO2 to make a high-quality full-spectrum extract rich in all of the plant’s cannabinoids, including minor ones such as CBC and CBG, as well as terpenes and other beneficial compounds.

CBD’s benefits for these issues are backed by a growing volume of research evidence. Here’s a look at some of the main findings:

So the next time you see the phrase, you’re probably dealing with regular CBD oil.

This extract is optimal for enhancing CBD’s beneficial impact without having to worry about THC.