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green lotus cbd oil

Jamey Flores – December 30, 2020

I used it for the first time last Sunday at my friend’s house. But impressed by how it worked on my headache, I ordered it the very next day. Go-to product with no side effects to cure the headaches after a hectic day.

74 reviews for Green Lotus – Premium Hemp Tincture

Hemp oil matches well with my work hours. I use it sometimes only but love the mellow effects. I have noticed that it’s good for boosting my creativity too but only when used in moderation.

Nicky Guyy – December 30, 2020

Linda Adams – December 30, 2020

The brand’s products do not contain any harmful chemicals or bacteria.

According to studies, CBD has a calming effect on the body’s central nervous system. [1] However, it is recommended to consult a medical professional before vaping.

A recent study about vaping discovered that vape use might be harmful to the body’s respiratory system. [2]


Founded in 2016, Green Lotus is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The brand has vast experience in the production of high-quality hemp.

The most affordable Green Lotus product is the Hemp Oil CBD Gummies worth $14.99. Meanwhile, the most expensive product of the brand is the 60-count, 1,500mg CBD Capsules sold for $129.95.

Green Lotus allows customers to return their orders 30 days after their purchase.

The brand’s 30ml CBD Tincture has a CBD potency range of 4.7mg/g to 55.5mg/g.