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hemp cbd oil extraction process

Solvent extraction is a rudimentary and risky practice, but it has fans. Essentially, it involves running a liquid solvent through decarboxylated hemp to remove cannabinoids and terpenes. The usual solvents include butane, ethanol, and hexane, so you need to safely evaporate any residual solvent post-extraction to ensure usable CBD extract.

• Yields are low and impractical
• No way of controlling purity, with minimal levels of CBD
• CBD extract contains plant material and unwanted cannabinoids

Keep reading to find out how to extract CBD, and which method produces the highest-quality CBD oil. While they all harness the power of CBD, they don’t all achieve the same degree of purity.

Basic solvent CBD extraction

• No additional equipment needed
• Makes use of the whole hemp plant
• Cheapest method of extraction

How does one make CBD extracts without using a solvent? Simply enough, you just have to apply heat, pressure, or a bit of friction to hemp flowers and leaves. How do you do that, you wonder? Well, if you freeze hemp flowers, you can shake the small trichomes loose and gather them together. These trichomes, as you might know, contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant.

• Co₂ extraction is an industrial process, making it highly expensive
• Requires expertise to perform correctly

Once decarboxylated, mix your plant matter with olive oil and heat it on the stove for several hours. CBD, other cannabinoids and essential terpenes will bind to the fats in the oil, creating an infused product. Finally, the mixture is left to cool before being filtered to remove any leftover plant material.

There are three main types of CBD extraction methods.

This high cost helps to explain why top-quality CBD oil costs more than you may expect. Another reason for the high cost is that UK CBD laws make it difficult for extraction to be done in the UK; therefore, many of the oils are extracted abroad and then imported into the UK.

Why does the CBD extraction process matter?

As a CBD manufacturer, you are striving to ensure that the cannabidiol products you manufacture are of the highest quality.

You are looking for a company that is passionate about quality and monitors and tests at every step of the CBD extraction process. You can then be confident that you will only be given the purest product to use for manufacturing top-quality cannabidiol products.

As manufacturers, it’s crucial to understand the various CBD extraction processes and, more importantly, how they can influence the end product and its health benefits.