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hemp water benefits

That aside, Love Hemp water, for example, is another company in a string of bandwagon jumpers that hopes to rope in unwitting consumers and cash in on the CBD craze. T here are only two milligrams of natural hemp extract in Love Hemp water, which is virtually useless. To provide a visual, two milligrams of powder would fit on the end of a toothpick or a toothbrush bristle.

In fact, according to the spokesperson for the WHO, they have never heard of this mythical research. “The team has no idea where this journalist got his information. Perhaps ask him to send the report he mentions?” the spokesperson said via email from Geneva.

CBD water is a perfect example of capitalism at its phoniest. While plenty of companies are looking to cash in by claiming their products contain beneficial CBD, CBD water is the easiest example of how a fool and his money are soon parted.

Additionally, when the body needs the benefits of CBD right away, the efficacy of a .2mg serving is non-existent. GW Pharmaceuticals doses at five to ten milligrams per kilogram of body weight. That means a person who weighs 120 lbs (54.431kg) would theoretically need approximately between 272 and 554 milligrams of CBD per day, for the dose to be efficacious, as opposed to two.

Furthermore, a daily dose of at least 10-25mg is recommended to be beneficial to the human body’s endocannabinoid system, for non-medical reasons. At that rate, a person would have to drink five to thirteen bottles of Love Hemp water per day, provided it is stored in the dark, such as in a wine cellar, before purchase, then consumed all in one shot.

Green Rush Daily published an article last year stating, “The World Health Organization (WHO) has done extensive research regarding CBD water. Unsurprisingly, their findings have shown that the water can provide a variety of health benefits.”

Take CBD water companies’ beneficial claims with a grain of salt, because that is about how much CBD their bottles contain.

Using hemp seeds and hemp-related ingredients have reportedly shown numerous health benefits, including heart and brain health, as well as with recovery, according to the CDC. Hemp seed oil has omega-6s and omega-3s, and now another product has come along that uses hemp to bring benefits to athletes, Hemp Hydrate.

The 16.9-liter bottles come with hemp extract that can help with a range of things, including improving soreness and battling fatigue. As part of the process of combining the hemp and water, the company first isolates the hemp extract and removes the oil and waxes from it. Then, the hemp molecules are shrunken and wrapped in layers of water before being put through an infusion process that finishes as the final product.

Over the years, more and more products have been using hemp and CBD-related ingredients to help athletes and fitness-focused people with their workouts and recovery.

Jamal Liggin, trainer to NFL stars like Odell Beckham and Marshawn Lynch, trainer Alex Fine, and NBA star Dwight Howard have used Hemp Hydrate as part of their training routines.