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hempworx cbd oil reviews

In terms of price, Hempworx is actually a tad bit cheaper than the majority of the leading CBD oil brands in the U.S.

In other words, from what we have seen during our HempWorx CBD review it would appear that this is a top-shelf company. It seems to more or less rival the top names in the industry – at least in terms of quality. Let’s take a look at their prices and product range to see whether or not they’re worth the investment.

For both products, a single serving size is 1 mL (20 drops), and there are 30 servings in each 30 mL container. The only difference is that the HempWorx ‘500 mg’ bottle contains about 16.6 mg of CBD oil per serving, while the ‘750 mg’ bottle contains about 25 mg per serving.

Where to Buy HempWorx CBD Oil?

In terms of actually testing out and conducting our HempWorx review, we came to the conclusion that the oils are ‘okay’ – at least in our opinion. They seem to do a decent job of alleviating pain and easing stress, but in our experience, we wouldn’t necessarily describe them as being the best CBD oil on the market.

Today, HempWorx is in the hot seat as we review their complete line of products, as well as the effectiveness of their CBD oils.

Really, it just sounds like a clever way for the brand to get some extra word-of-mouth-type advertising while offering their customers a bit of a rewards incentive at the same time.

Although the HempWorx ‘About Us’ page is filled with excellent information on the history of CBD , there is, unfortunately, little data about the organization itself. We did learn, however, that they use “special” supercritical technology that extracts over 400 phytonutrients from the raw hemp material, and that they don’t use any harmful solvents or heat, which is, of course, a good thing.

For the inability to sleep well at night, 4 droppers, or 40 mg before bedtime daily.

Instructions: Use a full dropper, twice a day. As a dietary supplement, place 20 drops under the tongue. Hold for 60 seconds, then swallow. Storage: To maintain freshness, store away from heat sources, light sources, and sources of humidity.

For glaucoma, absolutely no more than 40 mg or 4 droppers per day. Higher doses can worsen symptoms.

Topical application

For stress and tension in a person who has schizophrenia, up to 1,280 mg or 160 droppers per day.

As well as these benefits pointed out by Hempworx, there are the benefits of hemp oil itself, which includes healthy fats, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

One dropper contains 10 mg of CBD. Therefore, a typical beginning dose for anxiety may be about 40 mg or four droppers in divided doses.

Natural Flavor: Hemp flavor is produced by various cannabinoids and Hempworx CBD terpenes which have therapeutic effects.

Hemp Worx offers a 30-day guarantee on all of their products. If the customer is unhappy with the product that they bought, they will be able to return the used bottle or container to the company and get a full refund on their order.

The company offers a lot of useful information on their website, including an overview of the process that ensures they gain access to the best quality hemp plants. All of the hemp used in the production of Hemp Worx’s CBD oils, topicals, and other products is grown in the United States. The manufacturing process follows strict protocols to ensure the user is not exposed to any harmful chemicals or additives.

One thing that might be a little confusing for customers who are interested in learning more about the experiences of previous users is the fact that there are multiple Facebook pages and groups related to Hemp Worx products. This can make it difficult to find a single community to help you discover whether these are the right products for you.

Hemp Worx Shipping Policies

One particularly useful testimonial reads:

Hemp Worx is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has customer support centers for customers who are located in Canada, as well as the United Kingdom. The company claims to produce the highest quality and purest hemp-derived CBD oils and related products that are currently available on the market.

Products that are available from Hemp Worx include:

Fortunately, customers can rest assured that Hemp Worx’s products are not only pure but also safe. Third-party laboratory tests conducted on the products include gas chromatography tests, potency tests, and antimicrobial tests.