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hidradenitis suppurativa cbd oil

The next morning, there was no need of pain medication for extremely swollen feet, ankles and lower legs. The swelling not only STOPPED, it REDUCED! The interior bruising disappeared. What had appeared to be a rapid progression of disease degeneration DISAPPEARED. This extremely painful problem had plagued me for 1 1/2 years.

Thank you for an excellent product, an EASY ACCESS delivery system, and incredible results!

I had a friend who purchased hemp salve from Straight Hemp Company. She asked if I would like to try some of the hemp salve on the open wound under my right axillary area. Reluctantly I said yes. I say reluctantly because I have tried so many creams, antibiotic ointments etc, and none of them have helped the open wound. So this friend applied some of the Straight Hemp salve into a small container for me to bring home with me. I did not want to take the chance of contaminating her salve. After one application of Straight Hemp salve, the pain immediately eased. I noticed a significant change in the pain. After several days of applying the hemp salve, the wound began to close. The amount of drainage also began to slow down. I got the wound closed and stopped applying the salve, as an experiment to see how long the axillary area would stay healthy.

A testimonial from Karen S. using Straight Hemp CBD Vape Oil

Not long after ceasing to apply the salve, I developed another lesion under the same arm, just in a different spot. This lesion tunneled under the skin back to that same wound, started draining and reopened the wound. So I have now started reapplying the hemp salve. The open wound is already starting to improve.

This salve has really made a difference in this disease for me. I know everyone and their body’s are different and individual. I’m not saying this hemp salve is a cure for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I’m just simply sharing my experience with the hemp salve and how it has helped my particular situation with this chronic disease. If it has helped me so greatly, it my possibly help others with this horrible disease. If I can share my story and experience with this salve, and it reaches just one person who also suffers from Hidradenitis Suppurativa I will be happy. Maybe that one person or more can have a better quality of life. I would like to thank everyone at Straight Hemp Company for all you do. Thank you for making this product and allowing chronic illness survivors lives a little easier!

Kurt has been having shoulder pain since our last car accident. Tonight he had 2 trial size droppers fills of the drops and 1 finger full of the lotion on his shoulder and now has complete mobility of his shoulder within minutes.

WOWIEZOWIE. Who knew. I am now a believer and a FAN!

When the patient license arrives, the patient will be scheduled an appointment for the first visit of the trial at the hospital. Tikun-Olam will be informed and asked to supply the patient product on the visit day. The copy of the patient’s license will be included into the trial source documents.

The participants will be randomly assigned in a 1:1 ratio to receive Avidekel oil or placebo oil. Patients will receive the oils as drops applied under the tongue 3 times a day.

Forty participants will be recruited over two years. After determine eligibility by examining the study criteria for inclusion and exclusion, the patient will be asked to sign the informed consent form.

The YAKAR form of medical cannabis license application and a confidentiality waiver form will be sent to the YAKAR. The physician will explain to the patients that his/her participation in the trial can be terminated at any time and will explain the medical license conditions: It is absolutely forbidden to:

The duration of study participation for each subject is expected to be 12 weeks (84 days), about 4 weeks from visit 0 until receiving the license and 8 weeks trial,of which, six weeks of dose titration. Over the course of twelve weeks, four visits will be conducted and there will be 3 telephone evaluations. During first visit screening and enrolment will be conducted. The second visit will take place four weeks later where patients will receive the oils and start the trial, followed by a phone call evaluation at day 5-7 after starting the treatment and at week 2±2 days. Than a visit approximately four weeks later, following another phone call evaluation at week 5±2 days from treatment beginning, F Last visit will be conducted at week 8±3 days. In each visit, the relevant variables will be collected (Please refer to Table 3. Schedule of events). At the end of the eight-week experiment, patients from the treatment and control groups will be given the option to use the Avidekel oil for a period of one year. First, all the patients will use the drug in the open label phase for 8 weeks, during this period 3 phone calls and 2 visits in the hospital will be conducted, using PI-NRS and HS-PGA score to evaluate treatment success. Patients who will have at least 1 point reduction on the HS-PGA score will be permitted to continue to the 1 year follow-up. During that period 2 visits, six months and one year, will be conducted and the relevant variables will be collected (see Table 3). All visits will take place at the hospital.

I was diagnosed with HS in 6th grade. The condition caused recurrent boils and cysts to form in places where skin touched skin, like the armpits, lower back, breasts, stomach, and other intimate spaces. I would get flares every month—sometimes every week. These boils would often grow to be the size of a golf ball or larger and brought an indescribable amount of pain with them.

I consume cannabis flower, honey, extracts, teas, and have experimented with CBD lotions. Most of my cannabis use now regulates my mood and minor pain if I get a flare. I’m still not 100% free from HS and probably never will be but cannabis helps me and so many other patients battling Hidradenitis Suppurativa feel like superhumans on our worst days when it feels like our bodies are giving up on us. As an alternative method for pain management, cannabis allows us to reclaim our bodies as well as our minds.

When I smoked my first joint, it wasn’t to manage any type of pain. In all honesty, I just wanted to get high with my friends. It wasn’t until my parents found out about my use that I started actively researching the health and medical benefits of the herb. I was on a mission to prove to my parents smoking cannabis was in no way harmful to my mind or my body. It just so happened the research I found in articles on High Times, CNN and other media outlets showed me cannabis was actually helping me to manage my often physically and mentally debilitating skin condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS).

After using painkillers I began experimenting with cannabis flower, edibles, and topical extracts to manage the psychological and physical pain of Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

I often found myself disassociating from life by putting my brain on autopilot just to get through. When I smoked I became present in my body and was able to take time to sit with my feelings and unpack my trauma. It was a lot of trauma to unpack so a lot of my sessions were difficult especially on my own. Eventually, I was able to find a therapist specializing in the mental health treatment of HS patients in Detroit. Now that I live in Los Angeles, with cannabis and not so regular therapy I am able to manage my condition when flares, depression, or anxiety does come.

By Jasmine I. Espy

I remember lying awake during school nights crying my eyes out because I just wanted to get some sleep and couldn’t due to the throbbing pain surging through my nervous system. When the aching became unbearable, I would take large doses of Ibuprofen and other pain killers until the boil popped. It felt as though my body was constantly attacking itself and there was nothing I could do about it. That was until I took the treatment and pain management of my HS into my own hands.

I eventually implemented a vegan lifestyle through the elimination diet and I saw drastic changes in the manifestation of the disease, going from having boils every month to no boils at all. At one point, the wounds underneath my breasts closed completely without any surgical intervention. Later, significant weight loss made me a great candidate for plastic surgery to remove scar tissue caused by HS.