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Made in Australia, Xativa™ is formulated using WaferiX™, which is patented sublingual delivery technology. Each wafer contains a nano-emulsion of highly bioavailable broad-spectrum cannabis extract with 12.5mg cannabidiol and 0mg THC. This is in addition to 30+ terpenes and other beneficial molecules naturally occurring in cannabis. The products currently distributed by Health House include:

Made in Australia in rural NSW, ANTG conforms to stringent Australian and EU pharmaceutical standards to ensure quality control at every step of the process. Currently, Health House is distributing the following of ANTG’s dried cannabis flowers:

Zelira Therapeutics

Levin Health ™ are sports science specialists that believe Australians have the right to live pain free and to live an active lifestyle. Levin Health ™ drives this belief by running world class clinical trials, patient education programs and developing products specifically formulated to treat chronic pain and other life restricting chronic injuries. Levin Health ™ ’s leading cannabinoid-based, chronic pain medicines are made here in Australia, for Australians and support Australian Sports Medicine research . Currently Health House is distributing:

Australian cultivated Adaya Whole Flower products are rich in phytocannabinoids and therapeutic terpenoids. Currently available flowers are:

Zelira Therapeutics premium cannabinoid-based customised medicines are uniquely formulated and clinically validated pharmaceutical-grade products. They are also manufactured to the highest quality standards with GMP grade and compliant with the standard for medicinal cannabis TG093 Order 2017. Currently, Health House is distributing:

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) is Australia’s first GACP & GMP accredited medicinal flower cultivation and manufacturing facility. It is Australian grown and made, cultivated in NSW, with all natural, renewable medium, without harmful pesticides. ANTG’s aim is for all Australians to benefit from high-quality, affordable and locally produced medicines.

Ananda Hemp offers high-quality products made with full spectrum CBD oil extracted from 100% Kentucky-grown hemp. Every plant that goes into their high-end line of CBD products is cultivated using organic farming practices. They also contain an array of cannabinoids and hundreds of bioactive phytonutrients from the hemp – resulting in a formula that is truly deserving of the title ‘full spectrum’.

Timeline: Towards a Legal Medicinal Cannabis Market

Colorado and Washington become the first two states to legalise the recreational use of cannabis.

Canada passes the Medicinal Marijuana Access Program, which allows clinicians to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Little Green Pharma was the first medical cannabis company in Australia to produce locally grown medical-grade cannabis products. Their medicinal cannabis products include a range of oils tested to stringent Australian quality standards. Little Green Pharma also works closely with medical practitioners to assist them with applications for medical cannabis products; saving patients time and money.