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how to get a dog high

Some common signs that your pup is stoned are lethargy, excessive peeing, low blood pressure, ataxia (loss of bodily control), and even seizures. If you think your dog got into your stash, it's best to bring them to an emergency clinic right away.

What PETA does condone is the use of medical cannabis for palliative care. "Dogs in pain should be given the same consideration that humans in pain are, and if cannabis treats can truly relieve their pain, regular doses would be appropriate to help reduce their misery," Nachminovitch added.


For pets undergoing cancer treatment, or for those with debilitating illnesses, cannabis can be an alternative to pharmaceutical medicine (though it should always be used in tandem with a veterinarian's advice, unless they specify otherwise).

But the decriminalization of weed can be a boon for pet safety, too. I spoke to one San Francisco-based startup that specializes in cannabis tinctures for cats and dogs. Much like the stuff you'd find at a dispensary, TreatWell's products are lab-tested, and marketed as homeopathic medicine for everything from anxiety to cancer.

When I asked PETA, which is known for its polarizing opinions about the treatment of animals, about this conundrum, Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations Daphna Nachminovitch said: "It's no more acceptable to amuse yourself by getting a dog high than it would be by getting a child drunk."

These are doubly bad. Not only is the weed dangerous for your dog, but the other ingredients in baked goods (from chocolate to butter) can cause serious damage to your dog, even in small amounts.

It’s the THC that binds to cannabinoid receptors that give dog owners that high feeling – as dogs have more than people, they can get very high.

The turmeric flavored treats are especially great for dogs that suffer from inflammation, hip dysplasia, and joint pain. The German Shepherd and Rottweiler are prone to joint problems so a tasty turmeric treat before playtime is a great preventative treatment!

3. Eating “Special” Brownies, Butter or Other Food Laced with Weed

With marijuana legalization in many states, and with more following suit, there’s more pot floating around than ever before. So, what happens if my dog tries some? Can dogs get high from pot too? Whether it’s legal or recreational, marijuana is not for dogs!

Feeding your dog medical marijuana is possible, but a bad idea. You’re not improving your dog’s life by making him high.

Leaving joints burning in the same unventilated room as your dog can make them high. Keep your dog away from second-hand smoke.

Besides the medical problems it can cause, it can leave your dog feeling very scared and confused. Your canine cannot consent to take any drugs and won’t understand what’s happening.