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how to get cbd oil in tennessee

CBD buds also have the so-called entourage effect due to the presence of other cannabinoids. But don’t worry since they don’t have psychoactive effects, but these cannabinoids work so well together.

Yet another notable hemp farm is Greene Hemp Co., which assures its customers that all its products contain less than 0.3% THC. Enthusiasts looking for the best indoor and outdoor hemp flowers will find the company as a great source. Other products include salves, tinctures, gummies, handmade soaps, and bath bombs. Talk about covering every base!

Aside from the CBD oils, it also makes and sells tinctures, creams, and honey in its Chattanooga commercial kitchen.

Hemp Springs Farm

Read on and find out more about the history and current status of hemp, marijuana, and CBD in Tennessee. We will also discuss the best ways of buying CBD products and the best hemp farms in the state.

If you are looking for ultra-quick relief from anxiety or muscle cramps, for example, you may want to consider inhaling CBD. If you can wait for 10-15 minutes, your best bets are oils or tinctures administered under your tongue; sublingual dosage also tends to have a longer effect.

Caution: Products with only the total amount of total cannabinoids listed on their labels should be viewed with suspicion. The cannabinoids may not only include CBD and THC but other related compounds.

But there’s an exception to the 0.3% or less THC rule! Tennessee allows the possession and use of CBD oil containing up to 0.9% THC for these cohorts: (0.9% THC is three times the federal limit)

Senate Bill 2531 also recommends that patients suffering from epilepsy and seizures can access CBD treatment, but only if recommended and indicated by the physician. In light of the Hemp Farming Act, Tennessee’s Department of Agriculture laid out rules for hemp growers and created a system of licensing for the hemp producers, farmers, and transporters.

When purchasing CBD oil online, you can request to see the company’s third-party lab results if they have not been provided on their official website. This will allow you to confirm how much THC is present in the product.

You can also find a brand that offers a reliable money-back guarantee and top-of-the-line customer service if you have any questions. Such brands are happy and confident to stand behind their products. You can also check to see if the hemp is organically-grown, pesticide and chemical-free, as well as GMO-free.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee?

Gone are the days when finding CBD was a task. These days, CBD is almost everywhere. It is found in different forms, including inhalers, lotions, pills, gummies, topicals, among others. If you are currently dealing with a health issue like chronic pain and depression in Tennessee, you may be wondering where to buy CBD oil.

Senate Bill 2125 was signed into law in 2016. It amended the cannabis laws in the State to exclude any form of cannabis oil, including cannabis seeds and flowers, with less than 0.6% THC from the legal definition of cannabis.

Later the same year, another Bill, Senate Bill 280, was signed into law. The Bill allowed cannabis with 0.9% THC or lower to be processed, manufactured, dispensed, and possessed by patients. However, the patient has to have been referred to by a 4-year public institution within Tennessee as part of a clinical research study on anticancer, anti-seizure, as well as other immunomodulatory properties of the marijuana plant.

As congruent to the federal law referring to the 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, CBD hemp oil is legal statewide. Hemp is a sister variety of marijuana, but compared to marijuana, hemp has only traces of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the component responsible for ‘high’ gotten from marijuana.

As a measure in the war on drugs, industrial hemp was banned under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Despite the fact that hemp contained little to no THC content, it was banned due to the fact that it belonged to the same plant species as prohibited cannabis. This effectively made the cultivation of all cannabis illegal.

iii) If in the possession of an individual who has proof of order or recommendation from the issuing state. The individual should also provide proof that they or an immediate family member is suffering from epilepsy or intractable seizures diagnosed by a licensed doctor, and that the oil contains less than 0.9% THC.

CBD in Tennessee: Legality

The cities of Memphis and Nashville stopped treating the possession of minimal amounts of cannabis as criminal offenses in 2016. Rather, offenders face a civil penalty. This essentially lowers the fine to That same year, the state passed House Bill 2144. This bill stipulates that patients are allowed to possess CBD oils with less than 0.9% THC if they have a legal court order, or they or an immediate family member, have been diagnosed with epilepsy by a licensed Tennessee doctor. and about 10 hours of community service as punishment.

The Agricultural Act of 2014 made the cultivation of hemp legal on an experimental basis.

In 2016, Senate Bill 2125 was signed into law. This bill made amendments to the section regarding university research. It permitted the research of CBD-rich cannabis oil containing less than 0.6% THC. The bill excluded cannabis oil with less than 0.6% THC from the definition of marijuana.