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Browse the Seedsman collection of hybrid cannabis seeds from some of the world's best hybrid cannabis seed breeders. Hybrid Cannabis Seeds from World Class Cannabis Breeders. We have sativa dominant hybrid marijuana seeds for sale and powerful indica hybrids. Hybrid seeds produce some of the most enjoyable and potent cannabis available today. With the best of indica and sativa, a well balanced hybrid is hard to beat.

Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

Indica , sativa , and h ybrid represent the three main categories of cannabis, with hybrid seeds providing users with benefits from both indicas and sativas.

C annabis strains considered to be ‘hybrid’ can be indica dominant, sativa dominant, or a split between the two. In recent years, a growing interest in the therapeutic properties of cannabis has led to a noticeable rise in demand for hybrids. Purely sativa or indica strains still exist, but the market is now dominated by hybrids. This has resulted in a massive increase in genetic experimentation.

The prevalence of cannabinoids and terpenes in a hybrid strain determines its effects. This means breeders can better control for these when developing new hybrid strains. If they’re trying to develop an energetic and focused feel, a sativa-dominant strain with a lower THC content is the go-to. Or, if a couch-lock, the more relaxing stone is needed, an indica-dominant with higher levels of THC is bred.

There is no end to the experimentation, and every day, breeders across the world are developing new strains to suit all kinds of consumers.

Choosing the Right Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Depending upon the dominant cannabinoid, individuals can reap the benefits of both indica and sativa via a hybrid strain. Use the filter on the left-hand side to sort the seeds by what you want out of a strain, and you’ll soon find what you need.

What’s the difference between indica & sativa? Find out in our blog post.

If you’re interested in collecting your own hybrid genetics, browse our selection below, Seedsman has the most extensive collection of hybrid cannabis seeds for sale online.


Hybrid marijuana seeds are premium feminized cannabis seeds from World Class Cannabis Breeders.

These are exceptional feminized seeds have been bred to harness specific qualities like high potency, unique flavours and desired effects.

We have a the very best hybrid marijuana strains for sale, from sativa dominant hybrid sativa seeds to powerful hybrid indica seeds, we have something for everyone’s taste.


Best Selling Cannabis Seeds


The cannabis plant has thousands of strains that produce an abundance of variations. A hybrid is the offspring of two different cultivar types or strains. In general, there are three kinds of cannabis used for producing hybrids. They are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. These come from particular landrace genetics, and each has its specific traits. A Landrace is a type of cannabis that was cultivated and adapted to its indigenous land. The individual differences of these strains are a result of their environment and isolation from other cannabis species.

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While landrace strains still exist, the cannabis marketplace is overwhelmed by an ever-changing array of new hybrids created each day. These hybrids are some of the finest strains currently available thanks to the careful selection done by cannabis breeders


Cannabis hybrid seeds are the result of breeding between different cultivars, including other hybrids. Hybrids can be the union of a pure Indica, pure Sativa, Ruderalis, or any combination of the three. The main types of hybrid seeds are:

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid cannabis seeds use a blend of indica and sativa genetics to produce some of the most enjoyable and productive hybrid strains available today. For many growers, a well balanced hybrid seed strain offers the best qualities of indica and sativa genetics in one perfect variety. Choose from Dutch Passion’s feminised hybrid seeds or autoflowering hybrid seeds.

Active filters


Wedding Cake X Animal Cookies

Glueberry O.G.®

(Gorilla Glue #4 X OG Kush) x Blueberry

Critical Orange Punch®

Critical X (Grandaddy Purps X Orange Bud)


Mad Scientist X Voodoo

Mokum’s Tulip®

Gelato X Sherbet

Passion Fruit®

Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Orange Bud

HiFi 4G®

WiFi OG X Glueberry OG

Auto Cinderella Jack®

(Cinderella 99 X Jack Herer) X Magnum

Auto Critical Orange Punch®

Orange Punch X Auto Kritical Bilbo

Auto Glueberry O.G.®

Glueberry O.G. X Auto Blueberry

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X Auto Blackberry Kush

Californian Orange

Original Californian Orange

Passion #1®

Californian Indica

Frisian Dew®

Super Skunk X Purple Star

Pamir Gold®

Western Himalayas Hybrid

Snow Bud®

Afghani X South African genetics

The Ultimate®

Original The Ultimate

Auto Ultimate®

The Ultimate X Auto Mazar

What are hybrid cannabis seeds?

Hybrid seeds combine indica and sativa cannabis genetics. For many growers, the best of indica and sativa combined into a stable hybrid really is difficult to beat. You can enjoy the best creative and energetic vibe of sativa with the blissful indulgence of a relaxing indica. Hybrid seeds for sale by Dutch Passion deliver powerful effects with heavy yields.

Buy hybrid cannabis seeds online

If you’re looking for some cannabis cup winning cannabis hybrid seeds then Dutch Passion have a prize winning selection. Choose feminised hybrid seeds, autoflower hybrid seeds or regular hybrid seeds. The best hybrid seeds are easy to grow in a range of grow mediums/systems. If you’re looking to buy hybrid seeds, you can look forward to some high quality results, especially from the best hybrid seeds.

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Best feminised hybrid cannabis seeds

The best feminised hybrid cannabis seeds are often ready to harvest after around 9 weeks of bloom. That may not be as fast as the quickest indica seeds, but the extra week or two is worth the wait for the powerful and heavy harvests. Below are some of our recommended high THC hybrid seeds


Meringue hybrid marijuana seeds use some of the best Girl Scout Cookies/Wedding Cake genetics ever seen by Dutch Passion. These unique USA genetics deliver extremely high THC levels (up to 25%) with sweet and fruity flavours. Not necessarily the heaviest yielder, Meringue seeds are all about potency, strength and quality.

Mokum’s Tulip

Mokum’s Tulip seeds use some of the most sought after Gelato and Sherbet genetics to deliver hard and frost drenched buds in around 8 weeks of bloom. With several cannabis cups already and very high THC levels, this indica leaning hybrid delivers a beautiful combination of stunning strength, speed and heavy yields.


If you want hybrid weed seeds with a good selection of phenotypes, all of which produce extremely high THC levels (up to 25%) then! C-Vibez seeds are perfect for you. These indoor hybrid seeds are easy to grow with exceptional resin production which makes for a powerfully relaxing effect. Sweet and fruity, this incredibly potent hybrid seed takes around 10-12 weeks in bloom.

Best autoflower hybrid cannabis seeds

Autoflowering hybrid cannabis seeds grow from seed to harvest in around 10-11 weeks. Indoors they grow well under 20 hours of daily light. If your looking to buy some hybrid seeds online which are easy/fast to grow, autoflower hybrid seeds are the perfect choice.

Auto Cinderella Jack

Auto Cinderella Jack is perhaps the worlds most potent autoflower. THC levels of over 25% have been measured on buds from these autoflowering hybrid seeds. What’s more, you get XL yields and a superb taste/aroma. One of Dutch Passion’s best ever autoflower strains. Part of the Dutch Passion Classics cannabis seed collection.

Auto Glueberry OG

Auto Glueberry OG seeds use cannabis cup winning genetics from Auto Blueberry and Gorilla Glue. This autoflowering hybrid seed can take a little longer than some autos to reach harvest, perhaps 12 weeks or so. But the reward is exceptionally heavy harvests of resinous, strong cannabis with a satisfying taste and effect. Part of the Dutch Passion USA special cannabis seed collection.

Auto Critical Orange Punch

Fans of the hard-hitting and heavy yielding Critical genetics should consider growing Auto Critical Orange Punch seeds. The refreshing, potent and euphoric effects combine with a delicious sweet orange taste. This autoflowering hybrid seed is easy to grow across a wide range of grow mediums/grow systems. Part of the Orange Family of cannabis seeds

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Best regular hybrid cannabis seeds

The best regular hybrid cannabis seeds produce both male and female hybrid plants. They are a popular choice with old school growers and those wanting to make their own cannabis seeds.

Passion #1

Looking for outdoor hybrid seeds? Passion #1 regular cannabis seeds can be grown outdoors finishing around the start of October in the northern hemisphere (early April in southern hemisphere). These outdoor regular hybrid seeds will produce roughly equal numbers of male and female plants. Heavy yielding, can reach 3m tall and just as wide!

Purple #1

Looking to buy some purple hybrid seeds? Purple #1 seeds use purple Afghani genetics, making her a popular outdoor hybrid seed choice. She is tough and hardy enough to grow outdoors at Dutch latitudes. Around half of the plants turn purple. Cool conditions increase the tendency for the blooms to develop deep purple colours. Part of the Dutch Outdoor cannabis seed collection.

White Widow x The Ultimate

What do hybrid seeds look like? They don’t look any better than White Widow x The Ultimate! The combination of these classic, cannabis cup winning genetics has produced high potency, heavy yielding regular hybrid seeds.

How to choose the right hybrid cannabis strains for you?

First decide whether you want old school regular hybrid seeds, feminised hybrid seeds or autoflowering hybrid seeds. Also consider the relative importance of potency vs yield vs taste and spend a few moments browsing the hybrid seed options below.

What is the average flowering time and yield for hybrid strains?

For autoflowering hybrid seeds, the total seed-to-harvest cycle time is around 11 weeks, though some heavy yielders can take a week or two extra. For feminised hybrid strains the bloom period tends to be around 9 weeks, though some strains can be a week or so faster/slower.

What are the typical effects of hybrid-dominant strains?

Many cannabis connoisseurs strongly prefer the effects of cannabis hybrid seeds. They deliver the best aspects from the indica and sativa sides of the cannabis family. This means particularly enjoyable/soothing physical relaxation and a powerful, psychoactive high. Some people only grow hybrid seeds and nothing else! If you’re looking to buy hybrid seeds the Dutch Passion hybrid seed collection has an unmatched collection of cannabis cups and the best modern genetics.

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