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innovet pet products cbd oil

Full spectrum extract

Organic virgin hemp seed oil carrier

Started in 2005 by two BioChemistry and Engineering undergrads, Matthew Terrill and David Louvet began developing CBD formulas for the same reason that many mom-and-pop companies are founded: dissatisfaction with the traditional pharmaceutical options available to their pets.

About the brand: Who is Innovet Pet?

We can’t fault the production process behind this oil, with the brand following all of the current industry best practices. Beginning with 100% Organic hemp grown in Oregon and Colorado, Innovet Pet uses a cold CO2 extraction process to retain and protect all parts of cannabis, including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Here’s our update on what’s happening with Innovet Pet.

Innovet Pet calls themselves the first CBD brand to make their independent lab test results publicly available, which is an awesome claim to fame. Looking at the latest results, this full spectrum extraction includes the secondary cannabinoids CBC, CBG, and CBD-A alongside the main CBD.

“Our rescue lab/border collie has always been just a bit stressed about guarding us…we got him the CBD oil and he is noticeably less chaotic and is generally enjoying a more relaxed life.”

CBD Oil for Horses can help your mount deal with performance anxiety, as well as treating other issues like pain, inflammation, and poor digestion. This oil comes in strengths of 1500, 3,000, and 6,000 mg depending on your horse’s weight, and can be administered by syringe or mixed with liquids or food.

Developed with your dog’s comfort in mind, the Silicone Tipped Soft Feeding Syringes won’t hurt your dog’s gums, cheeks, or teeth, and has a lifelike feel which makes the whole process feel more natural for your pup.

Innovet Equine PCR – Hemp Pellets for Horses Review

A Google commenter encountered a similar issue with their pet, explaining that “We got the CBD oil for a family member’s dog that was having seizures. The dog was given a small dosage and immediately started throwing up. Kind of shocked to see the CBD oil giving an adverse reaction.”

Help your pups feel like themselves again with CBD Oil for Dogs, which ranges in price from $22 to $205 depending on dosage strength.

Although an animal’s defence system is vastly different from that of humans, it too can be weakened by things like disease, stress, and diet. All mammals also have an endocannabinoid system that responds to cannabinoids the same way ours does.