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There is an almost overwhelmingly vast quantity of items for sale, both on their site and in multiple store locations across Colorado. For the individual who has only just heard of CBD and its promise in assisting with chronic illness and disabilities, iPuff may be a great place to check out. One could buy everything but the kitchen sink here when it comes to all things cannabidiol-related — be it vape pens, accessories, carrying bags, tinctures, vaping oils, and even iPuff apparel. Unfortunately, there appears to be no real quality controls or standards to which iPuff adheres when selecting brands to retail.

Although the offerings are varied and abundant at iPuff’s one-stop CBD shop, information related to lab testing and sources is not nearly as plentiful. iPuff could streamline the consumer’s comparison shopping, as they offer multiple types of items in one place. On the other hand, conscious consumers are going to be disappointed when looking for lab test results to prove whether the products offered for sale are safe to consume. (There aren’t any.)

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When it comes to customer service, however, it does seem as though iPuff is at the top of their game. Nothing is more frustrating than paying top-dollar for a defective or disappointing product and being unable to return it or, worse yet, being unable even to reach a live human being when calling. iPuff clearly outlines the various details of warranties offered on their site, which could be a big deal for those hesitant to buy their first vape pen. Overall, however, iPuff remains a barely passable source of variety for those who seek to do all their CBD shopping in one fell swoop.

Colorado-based brand iPuff is more of a “one-stop shop” than it is a source for potent CBD oils. The relevance of this company ultimately depends on what kind of experience the customer is looking for in a CBD purchasing endeavor.

Information about the source of their hemp and their testing methods — and therefore the safety of their products — is virtually non-existent. They do state that they derive their CBDs from organically grown hemp, which one could presume is grown in Colorado, but that old saying about making assumptions should come to mind in the overwhelming absence of evidence.

In addition to the tincture made for consumers, a pet-safe CBD tincture has also been made available. Besides the fact that Colorado-based hemp has been incorporated, vegetable glycerin has also been included for the sole purpose of maximizing a pet’s bioavailability. As for its uses, the tincture is said to blend smoothly into a pet’s food and water or can be administered underneath the tongue.

As the name implies, iPuffCBD delivers a wide range of CBD-instilled vaping essentials that enhance one’s quality of life. The firm supposedly prides itself in, “helping the world one puff at a time.” To see how this is so, the following review will look closely at iPuffCBD with respect to its purpose, the different products offered and its overall affordability.

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In general, said prices reflect a wide range of factors that should be considered. For instance, the price accounts for the source of hemp. In this case, it is Colorado-based, which has been deemed safe because of the state’s strict regulations imposed. This will eventually lead to increased demand, forcing costs up – all of which are typically reflected in a product’s price.

It seems like a tincture has been offered for those who’d prefer an alternative to vaping, as it is not preferred by the general public. But in both cases, the flavors are far more bearable than CBD-instilled oils and for the most part are able to bring immediate results (vaping taking the lead among the two).

iPuffCBD is fairly diverse considering the different vape essentials offered along with additional products such as tinctures, pet solutions and capsules. For the purpose of this review, products that have been reasoned as containing CBD will only be looked at. This does not imply a simple product line, as iPuff Vape has successfully come up with a wide range of vaping pens, cartridges and related essentials compared to the average CBD brand.

Puff Puff Liquids CBD vape juices are made of premium sourced and certified ingredients. We conduct regular testing to verify and ensure the premium quality of the products. Whether it is our CBD liquid or CBD vape pens, all have been extensively tested for best results as our reputation depends on delivering on our promises.

Puff Puff Liquids is a highly trusted, professional CBD liquid (vape juice) manufacturer and provider for quality CBD vape pens as well as other essential vaping equipment. We constantly strive to make it easy and simple for you to buy the best CBD products on the market today. Our carefully selected, laboratory-tested CBD vape juices, together with all products sold by Puff Puff Liquids are made to meet the very highest industry standards and all CE regulations. If you are new to vaping or looking for a white-label solution, we are here to ensure that you get off to a flying start!

As there is such a burgeoning market for CBD products, we want to share all there is to know about CBD and CBD products with you. Starting from the legal aspects right through to understanding exactly how CBD can affect the body from a physiological point of view, and why the quality and right administration method of CBD vape juice or CBD liquid is so important. For more information take a look at our blog articles!