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is cbd oil a hoax

Olivia Foster turned to CBD, almost as a last resort. It was 2019 and she had been feeling wired and anxious for years. She’d tried prescription medication, but it gave her issues with her sleep. Therapy helped, but it wasn’t enough. Then friends mentioned CBD, otherwise know as cannabidiol – a chemical derived from marijuana. It was said to ‘take the edge off’ without inducing the stoned ‘high’ that cannabis gives. ‘Everyone was waxing lyrical about it,’ says the 31-year-old producer from London. ‘So I bought a 250mg dropper from an online pharmacy.’

It’s been hailed as a miracle cure-all for pain, anxiety and every health ailment in between, but is the cannabis-derived elixir just the latest snake oil?

‘CBD products have been jumped upon by the turmeric latte/ avocado on toast-loving wellness crowd’

At first glance, the science seems to make sense. In these self-obsessed days of health and wellness, the chemical’s claims of ‘fixing’ the numerous non-specific maladies many feel are ignored by the modern medical establishment – problem skin, insomnia, anxiety, stress, PMS and chronic pain – are more than just attractive, they’re miraculous. When women in particular feel their worries are usually dismissed by doctors, why bother pursuing conventional treatment, when there’s a ‘natural’ product available on the high street claiming to cure your ills?

At the time of writing, not one UK-based CBD product has FSA approval and brands were reportedly being ‘slow’ at voluntarily coming forward – hence the 2021 deadline. Regulations in the US are no more clear, with each state having its own law on the legality and regulation of CBD.

CBD oil is supposed to help with things like pain. The issue is that it can be pretty pricey.

Taking a free offer to try CBD oil could leave your wallet in pain.

To get your free sample you are asked to give your credit card number to cover shipping costs. Usually, shipping is just a few bucks. But, then you discover that they are signing you up for a trial membership.

With CBD being so expensive, a free offer or a celebrity endorsement could convince you but, both are fake.

Now, there’s a problem. You’ve signed up for a subscription service without even knowing it.