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is cbd oil legal in australia

Doctors who are Authorised Prescribers in Australia can legally supply unapproved medicinal products that may include CBD and THC.

Alternatively, you can ask for a referral to a cannabis clinic in your city, and this clinic will have trained health professionals that are available to answer any of your questions.

Unlike its sister cannabis compound, THC, you don’t require approval from the TGA to receive a prescription for medicinal marijuana.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Sydney, NSW?

There are some states, like Western Australia, that allows people in Perth to access legal CBD oil through their local GP without a specialist prescription.

CBD oil is legal in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland. Patients who have a pre-existing medical condition existing for three months or longer are able to discuss CBD oil as a medical treatment with their doctor.

Australians in Adelaide can buy legal CBD oil through a pharmacy after receiving a prescription from a doctor.

Melbourne has one of Australia’s best medical cannabis companies and clinics. They provide legal CBD oil to patients with a medical condition that has existed for more than three months.

The market here is very new, and licensed pharmacies have limited product choices.

Medical Use Only

Unlike Australia, New Zealand doesn’t require an import license for CBD products. Importing CBD that doesn’t fall under New Zealand’s CBD product definition is illegal.

2. Hemp

We’ve found the best options for people living in Australia and New Zealand is Endoca, followed by Hemp Bombs or BlueBird Botanicals. All three companies will ship to Australia (some free of charge). We haven’t been able to find any reports of CBD products being stopped at the border and Endoca claims to have had no problems shipping to the region (hence the free shipping offer).

$8.50 fee + 4.3% processing + 8% commission.

Verdict: Banned

A mail forwarding service can help you get your CBD to your door, but the product can still end up seized at customs, and you’d put yourself in trouble.