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is cbd oil legal in cyprus

The penalties vary in length according to the drug’s class, amount and the aggravating circumstances of the offence. Drug penalties can be extended to life imprisonment, but that has never happened so far.

Lawmakers in Cyprus passed a law legalising cannabis cultivation and domestic use for medical purposes in February 2019. The new law made the import of cannabis seeds and plants for cultivation purposes legal and regulated the process of obtaining cannabis growing licences.

Cannabis in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the small European countries that are preparing for the cannabis boom. Thanks to its great environmental conditions, the country could become one of the leading medical cannabis producers in Europe.

Most of the cannabis seized by authorities in 2017 was produced in the Netherlands and smuggled into Cyprus by air freight or on passenger flights. Despite having the ideal environmental conditions for cannabis cultivation, local farms are still rare.

Even though first offenders may be issued warnings instead of being fined, that rarely happens in practice.

Unlike other cannabinoids — such as THC — CBD does not produce a euphoric ‘high’ or psychoactive effect. It is believed to help ease symptoms from various health conditions and relieve pain.

Antartis said that concerns that legalisation of medical cannabis would lead to the creation of a grey economy is baseless.

He added that synthetic drugs like opioids, and most pharmaceutical medication are making people worse.

Αccording to Kyriakos Stylianides, a palliative care doctor, who is among the few to prescribe medical cannabis, not many of his colleagues are convinced.

“Not all patients need it, only some groups of patients do, therefore, caution is needed to avoid creating an uncontrolled situation,” he said.

He puts this down to lack of knowledge by most of customs officials, the health ministry and police.

“Prohibition on cannabis is coming to an end on the USA. Cyprus can’t even give it to sick people,” he said.