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is cbd oil legal in spain

Briefly, the CJEU found that:


Lack of a Concrete Regulatory Framework

Spain, to date, lacks a structured industry lobby. The authors believe that the incorporation of an association or a similar body is critical for pushing a sensible regulatory framework, that would open the local market and ensure patient access to cannabis-based products with high standards of quality, safety and consistency. Increasing awareness of politicians, legislators and key opinion leaders (doctors, etc) is key and needs to be channelled.

The routes to be able to market food or food supplements in the EU (or Spain, specifically) are:

Note: You may experience skin irritation from either the patches or topical options. If you find your skin is sensitive to the solution you’re trying, one of the other topicals may work well for you.

Fines and penalties in Spain can be significant for anyone in possession of CBD oil.

These clubs operate as non-profit organizations, so they are exempt from existing laws in the various Spanish communities. These clubs avoid tourist invasions by requiring a 15-day waiting period prior to accepting and allowing new members access.

Possible Alternatives for CBD Oil

Ok, so most everyone has heard of the cannabis brownies that you can get, but did you know there are also cannabis-infused crackers, lozenges, cookies, gums, and even ice cream available?

A recent case study showed that 80% of CBD oil study participants experienced a significant reduction in anxiety levels. 66% of the participants displayed sleep pattern improvements for a period of time.

Because it is technically illegal, if you are caught carrying CBD oil in public in Spain, you could end up paying fines between €100 – €600,000 and doing jail time .

Interestingly, the EU regulation is managed at each local level, so not all countries adhere strictly to this legislative mandate.