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is cbd oil legal in wisconsin

However, because CBD oil contains a detectable quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, it is still illegal to possess in Wisconsin unless you have a certification from a physician pursuant to Wisconsin statute 961.32(2m)(b).

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is increasingly available in stores across the state of Wisconsin.

Possession of CBD oil without a certification could be prosecuted as a misdemeanor criminal offense. Delivery or supplying of CBD oil to individuals who do not have a certification could be prosecuted as a felony offense.

Under federal law, CBD oil is an industrial hemp product, and it is legal to possess and distribute.

So why is CBD oil being sold all over Wisconsin? Because cannabidiol’s legal status conflicts with Wisconsin’s industrial hemp law. As a result, the Wisconsin Attorney General has advised Wisconsin law enforcement not to enforce the law as written.

Still, because it is illegal in Wisconsin, it is advised that if you use or distribute CBD oil that you have (or your customers have) a clinician’s certification or prescription to avoid possible criminal charges.

There are plenty of stores all over Wisconsin that sell CBD and hemp-based products. Remember, you need to be at least 18 years old and also have a medical certificate to legally buy hemp-derived CBD in Wisconsin.

Applicants must pass certain background checks in order to obtain the licenses. Additionally, they have to pay license and annual registration fees as well as submit certain forms and agreements.

This article aims at helping you understand all the applying state laws on CBD, both past and present. It also provides a guide on the best way to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin.

Cheap CBD oils are not always the best choice

In April 2014, the state passed Wisconsin Act 267, also referred to as Lydia’s Law. The act legalized CBD oil but with strict medical regulations. Only patients suffering from seizure disorders were legible to use CBD oil in order to manage their condition. The legislation authorized licensed physicians to prescribe CBD to qualifying patients.

It is worth noting that the CBD license requirements only apply to farmers and processors. For retailers, they can operate without a license from the DATC provided that they only sell legally-produced hemp-derived CBD products.

If you are interested in CBD and CBD products in Wisconsin, you might have asked, is CBD legal in Wisconsin in the first place? Hopefully, this article cleared the matter and has helped you understand the legal status of CBD in the state.

That led to a lot of inconsistencies and confusion amongst users since different states have their own laws regarding CBD. Some of these laws align with the federal laws, while others do indeed differ from it significantly. If you are looking to purchase CBD products in the state of Wisconsin, you need to be aware of all the relevant laws regarding CBD in the state. This way, you will avoid getting in trouble with law enforcement.