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Our Lazarus Naturals review looked at lab results, customer reviews, and CBD extract. Find out why we gave Lazarus Naturals a B+ grade in our full review. Pet owners, do you give CBD to your dog or your cat? Let us know how CBD benefits them!

Lazarus Naturals CBD for Dogs Review 2022

Lazarus naturals is a fast-growing—and fast-changing—CBD brand with a distinctly west coast vibe. As of 2021, all of their products will be USDA certified organic, thanks to upgrades on over 120 acres of their farmland. This, combined with the fact that Lazarus Naturals produce several products specifically tailored to different canine needs, makes them a great candidate in our CBD oil for dogs review.

Let’s look further into Lazarus Naturals and their pet CBD range.

Lazarus Naturals rating

Safe, balanced THC

What we liked

  • Safe, accurate, full spectrum CBD
  • Great value for money
  • Unique fish oil tincture

Things to consider

  • Smaller number of independent reviews on Google and Facebook
  • Hemp not currently organic (likely to soon change)

About the brand: Who are Lazarus Naturals?

Lazarus Naturals is driven by the mission of offering pet owners value for money, with a product aimed at CBD users and pet owners who know quality CBD when they see it.

Formed in 2014, when CEO Sequoia began selling handcrafted CBD products at farmer’s markets, the brand still creates their products from hemp grown on their own organic farm, and matches the quality of their plant with carefully sourced whole food ingredients and sustainable, biodegradable packaging.

One thing that stands out about Lazarus Naturals is their commitment to cannabis accessibility. Through their assistance program, they extend up to 60% of their stock to veterans, people on long-term disability, and others with limited means who may be unable to access the benefits of CBD extractions.

Best Lazarus Naturals CBD oils and treats for dogs

Lazarus Naturals Classic Calming Pet CBD Tincture

Full spectrum extract

Organic coconut MCT oil carrier

Lazarus Naturals has toned down the potency of their human CBD oil to produce this full spectrum product for pets. It’s a great combination of a rich, whole plant extract and organic coconut oil, which is a known source of fatty acids—compounds that promote joint and coat health, as well as speeding up digestion of the active cannabis ingredients.

A look at the independent lab test for Lazarus Naturals’ Classic oil shows a great variety of natural cannabis compounds, including high amounts of CBG, or Cannabigerol. CBG is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid that’s been found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, to the extent that one study showed CBG slowing the reproduction of malignant cells in mice. Working together with CBD, this cannabinoid cocktail ensures Lazarus’s oil lives up to its ‘calming’ name.

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What are owners saying?

“We are avid foster parents for a GSP rescue organization so we always keep this on hand for any dog we welcome into our house.”

“Hooch is a 13 year old American Bulldog/lab mix. Weight about 80 lbs. I give him 25 mg in his food twice a day. He seems very comfortable and has better mobility, without any stomach upset.”


Pet owners, do you give CBD to your dog or your cat? Let us know how CBD benefits them!

I bought some of the Lazarus oil today because my cat injured herself last Wednesday…she won’t put any weight on her paw… the vet… my second appointment… wouldn’t even consider the CBD oil… Im going to give it too her… regardless… so I would not say ck with your vet…some vets will not even consider the benefits of CBD oil… I know for a fact this has helped my friends animals… we will see ‍♀️

Thank you for sharing, Renita! We are very sorry to hear about your cat’s injury! Hope your cat would feel better soon!

I have the Lazarus human CBD high potency tropical breeze 60 mph bottle 3000cbd what is the formula for a 60lb dog ?

Hi Peggy, thanks for reaching out to us! We do not recommend giving your pet flavored human CBD tinctures. We have two “Calming” Pet tinctures (classic and salmon flavored) which are Broad Spectrum and a “Sensitive” Pet tincture which is isolate based. The Sensitive tincture in particular is a good choice for animals who are sensitive to taste.

A good starting point is about a milligram of CBD per 10 pounds of weight. Please note that while there are roughly 50-60 drops per ml in our droppers, the size of each drop can vary. For the most accuracy, we recommend measuring using the graduations on the dropper. There are no adverse effects from taking too much CBD, so you can take more or less servings throughout the day.

Hi Jo,
Thanks for reaching out. We currently do not ship directly to the UK. However, a small selection of our products is available on Amazon UK, but is temporarily out of service due to technical difficulties. We will post a link once those issues are resolved. Please note, the UK has different labeling requirements for CBD products. For Amazon UK orders, please contact Amazon Customer Service. If unable to resolve in a timely manner, please contact our customer service dept at [email protected] or +1 206-909-3354.

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My rescue dog has severe anxiety issues and has hip dysplasia.. she takes conventional medicine for these ailments however I don’t like the fact that it is very hard on the liver. Is CBD oil a better choice?

Hi Penny. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend products for specific conditions. We suggest consulting with a vet or doing your own research for more information on the topic. If you would like general information about CBD for pets and our pet product line, head this way: https:// www.lazarusnatur pet-products.

Hi Lou. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend products for specific conditions. We suggest consulting with a vet or doing your own research for more information on the topic. If you would like general information about pets and CBD head over to our blog: https:// www.lazarusnatur will-your-vet-di scuss-cbd-with- you.

Hi Chelse, the frequency comes down to the individual animal. We recommend starting out with once per day using the suggested serving size on the bottle, and then increasing or decreasing the amount and frequency as needed.

My dog has ivdd. He is still on steroids and pain meds. I saw that this was really good for these type of situations. Can I give this to my dog in top of the pain meds? I can’t stop the steroids until 2 more weeks

Hi Alyssa, this is something you will want to ask your veterinarian. The only drug interaction we feel comfortable speaking on is that if any prescriptions advise against grapefruit, you should consult with a medical professional before using CBD. However, this is more common in pharmaceuticals for humans.

I just have the high potency CBD tincture and just got a dog with bad separation anxiety. Is it safe to put a little bit of it on her food in the morning before we leave for work even though it’s not the pet formula?

Our High Potency CBD tincture contains a small amount of avocado oil, which can upset some animals digestive systems. This is the main difference between the human and pet tinctures. We suggest you do some research on the subject before giving it to your dog.

I give it to all of my dogs. Two need it for pain from arthritis, and one needs it for anxiety. Works good!

I just got mine today..pets under 15 3 drops once a day..correct. not 2x daily. thank you.

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Once a day is a good place to start. You can always increase dosage as needed. Currently, there are no known side effects to CBD, so you don’t have to worry too much.

I would like to try for my Boston’s leg chewing. He’s been cleared of mange and it seems stress related.

If it is your first time ordering with us, try the coupon code lazarusnaturals at checkout for 15% off!

I have been giving my Brittany CBD oil by another manufacturer for over 2 weeks now. He has metastatic cancer in both lungs. the vet thought he would just have a few days to live and was flabbergasted that he had a cancer that had already spread so far. because he had just had his annual 3 weeks before the diagnosis and all his labs and everything were perfect. He is still with us and now I want to try your oil for him because you seem to have great customer loyalty and rave reviews for your high quality product. If it will give him even one day more with a good quality of life I will be happy.

Thank you Lazarus Naturals. Our dog was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and given a month to live in January of this year. Not knowing what else to do we started giving him the pet tincture. He was very lethargic, not eating much, not begging for snacks, not barking at cars, etcetera prior to the CBD. After the first week or so of CBD he started acting better and is now very alert and doing all those things that dogs do. Our vet is as amazed as we are and says it must be the CBD because she has no other explanation. It really has seemed to slow it down and improved his quality of life amazingly. The only thing that has changed is we started giving him the CBD right away. no other meds. Even if it just makes his last days as comfortable as it has been we are so very grateful for this product. We tried it out of desperation and so glad we did. I probably could have written this better but is hard to do with the tears in my eyes. THANK YOU.

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