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love cbd entourage oil review

The Entourage Oil has been our most popular product since it was launched way back in 2015.

We created it because we were convinced that most people will find a proper cannabis oil more effective than a CBD product made with CBD isolate (also known as CBD powder). The reason that a real cannabis oil will be superior is due to something which science has termed “The Entourage Effect”.

In other words, a cannabis oil made from extracted cannabis – containing the hundreds of compounds naturally found within the cannabis plant – should be more effective than pure CBD taken on its own.

The concept of the Entourage Effect was conceived by an Israeli scientist called Raphael Mechoulam – who is the man who first discovered CBD. From his detailed studying of the cannabis plant, Mechoulam concluded that cannabinoids, such as CBD, have heightened impact when taken alongside other cannabis compounds.

We loved this idea so much that in 2015 we developed a product based on it. And that’s been the goal of the Entourage Oil ever since: to perfect The Entourage Effect and produce the Ultimate Cannabis Oil.

I bought the 800mg Entourage oil thinking that it contained full spectrum CBD but when the oil arrived, I tried it and it was just like pure olive oil. I messaged Love CBD to double check that this is how the product should be. I recieved a reply stating that they have had to adapt there recipe and now it only contains Broad spectrum CBD.
There is absolutely no mention of this on the website. I find this very misleading and poor on their part. Broad spectrum is an inferior product and I had no benefit from the oil at all. What a waste of money!
I will not be buying anything else from Love CBD.

We do use broad spectrum extracts within our product ranges (mentioned at the top of each product page) due to the FSA forcing the CBD industry to comply with the novel food regulation. Unfortunately with current regulations there is no route for full spectrum products to remain on the UK market due to full spectrum extracts being controlled substances. We are sorry that this has not produced the results you are needing in this situation and do not want to leave you with a feeling of wasting money and have reached out via email with next steps.

Very Misleading

Outstanding service and products. As a customer you earn loyalty points to be used against future purchases. Any query is answered quickly and effectively.

Thank you for getting in touch and we are sorry that you have not had a good experience with your latest order.

Great company that I trust to give me a first-class product at a very competitive price.