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Got a sweet tooth? Into CBD? Then Potli’s CBD honey is what you’re looking for.

I’m a sucker for packaging. And so I was immediately drawn to Lord Jones’ gumdrops, which are infused with broad spectrum CBD (not to be confused with full spectrum and isolate). It’s mighty convenient for frequent travelers like me who may want to take CBD while out and about: Just drop the (chichi) box in your purse—as opposed to worrying about leakage from a bottle of tincture. It also helps that they’re delicious—a little overly sweet but that’s hardly a crime. The downside? It’s pricey. Purchased online a nine-gumdrop box will set you back $45. In a shop like Clover Grocery in New York, it costs $50.

If you’re the kind of person who eats, drinks, and cooks with honey, then this is the CBD product for you. Put it on ricotta toast with some figs. Make a salad dressing or sauce with it. Use it to sweeten your tea. Dump spoonfuls of it on your breakfast yogurt or oatmeal—then top the whole thing off with berries. Hell, you can even eat it right out of the jar. Anything goes, really. Just make sure you’re minding your dosage.

Let’s say you’re in no mood for edibles, vapes, or capsules. Or none of the aforementioned delivery methods suit your lifestyle. Simply buy a full-spectrum CBD tincture such as the one Ojai Energetics offers. It’s unlike most tinctures, which are clear and oil based. This one is a deep moss green—extracted from whole plant—and water soluble. So you can put a dropper full into your coffee, chai, smoothie, or anything else really. And you can be sure you’ll be consuming all of it. (There won’t be any residue sticking to the sides of your glass—the way it is with many other oil-based drops.) Another plus is that it’s surprisingly sweet for something that looks like a bitter green juice made of 100% kale. I typically use two full droppers in my (home-brewed) chai and it’s helped tremendously with post-workout soreness.

I used to pop Aleve as if they were Tic Tacs. Three at a time, four at a time—whatever would get the job done. And if that meant taking 15 gel caps a day so be it. Liver be damned.

And dosing is crucial.

“The most common symptoms I treat with CBD are inflammatory conditions and it is also often used for pain,” Dr. Amin says. “Dosing is patient dependent. I always start low and go slowly. I have found that 15mg of CBD is a good starting dose for most patients. You have to be careful after that and titrate each patient individually due to the chance of potentially increasing anxiety and depressive symptoms. I have found the most convenient way for most of my patients to consume CBD is through tincture form. But capsules and edibles are also great ways to consume CBD on a daily basis.”

CBD joints provide many of the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. The best CBD pre-rolls can actually emulate the experience of smoking a joint filled with top-shelf weed strains from a high-end dispensary. CBD joints are easy to use and convenient, especially if you enjoy smoking joints but are not good at rolling—or just don’t want to be bothered with that process.

This sought-after strain got its name from its unique fruity terpene profile. Cherry Cough is often compared to the sweet taste of cherry combined with notes of syrup and gas. Secret Nature uses trimmed hemp buds, grown without additives or pesticides. They contain 0.6 grams and provide up to 129 mg cannabinoids each.

Obviously, these CBD joints are meant for smoking. Since smoking involves direct inhalation, it happens to be one of the more effective delivery methods for full-spectrum CBD, besides CBD vapes and CBD oil. Some smokers might just enjoy the process of smoking hemp joints as an alternative to smoking tobacco or even marijuana. They are also a nice way to sample a variety of strains across different vendors.

Secret Nature Cherry Cough

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when buying CBD pre-rolls:

Secret Nature offers their top strains in pre-rolled CBD joints. Frosted Kush is an indica-dominant hemp strain that contains 22.4% cannabinoids and a frosty appearance.

Secret Nature offers their finest buds in pre-rolled CBD joints. Frosted Kush is an indica-dominant strain that provides aromas reminiscent of fresh berries, gas and cupcake frosting. Each pre-roll has 0.6 grams of organic hand-trimmed bud, grown in the USA. Frosted Kush contains up to 22.4% total cannabinoids.

Cheef Botanicals Cookies Enjoy a pre-roll joint containing one of Cheef Botanicals’ top shelf strains. Cookies is a hybrid CBD strain that originates from Durban Poison and OG Kush. Each pack contains 5 fat premium joints rolled with Oregon-grown hemp containing 18% CBD. They’re all natural, non-GMO and 3rd party lab tested.

That amount is minuscule. Even ridiculous, according to some hemp advocates who are pushing to increase the legal amount.

Both come from the same plant species, Cannabis sativa. They have the same pointy leaves and pungent smell.

Industrial hemp grown in the United States since 2014 must limit the level of mood-altering Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol — a psychoactive compound better known as THC — to 0.3.

Many hemp products in stores today are derived from hemp seeds, which don’t contain THC. The seeds have been called a “superfood” since they are rich in protein and omegas.

It’s possibly the No. 1 question about hemp: Can you get high?

You can throw a party with hemp-laced brownies, but the most your guests can hope for is an extra dose of protein and omega 3’s. Or maybe a more restful sleep.

Hemp and marijuana are often confused.