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Dr McGee, who imports CBD from Colorado and markets and distributes it in Ireland, having heard Summer’s story, has now agreed to sponsor her course of treatment, taking a lot of the expense and headache out of the equation for the family. Clearly, passionate about what she describes as a supplement rather than a medicine, Dr McGee explains: “It’s similar to Vitamin C or Iron. It enhances the endocannabinoids that we’ve all got. This is a top up. You can see the difference, that it’s made to Summer. It’s a wonderful thing to see. Fiona is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. She went out and she found all this stull all by herself. She’s had the courage.”

Negligible and meeting the United Kingdom’s legal requirements in other words.

Not long after her diagnosis Fiona remembers being on a shopping trip in town.

‘It was as if someone threw you another lifeline. I was quite analytical about the legalities because the very mention of cannabis oil. I was thinking. God, you can’t give a child cannabis oil.’

“It’s made a massive improvement,” says Fiona.

But the research brought encouragement. A trial of 120 children with Dravet syndrome – a rare form of epilepsy – by Great Ormond Street Hosptial GOSH) found CBD reduced seizures by nearly 40 percent. Having weighed the pros and cons Fiona eventually sourced a form of organic hemp oil from Colorado in the United States, less than 0.2 percent of which was made up of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance famously enjoyed by marijuana or hashish smokers the world over.

“You can see now she’s at herself, she’s really well. She’s so calm, she’s at peace with herself, there’s none of the manic banging. I do know it’s a controversial issue and I know myself that the minute cannabis oil was mentioned, I thought, hang on a minute, but it’s about raising awareness, about bringing it out in the open, making people aware this is not something that’s illegal. It’s not a taboo subject anymore. It’s something that is now being used.”

Two years ago, Fiona Condren, had tried everything to try to improve the quality of her daughter Summer’s life.

CannaFlex Hemp Skin Cream

We guarantee that none of our products or ingredients we use are ever tested on animals, Marble Hill actively campaign against animal cruelty in all its forms. Unlike some other companies or individuals selling ‘so called natural products’ we can confidently and categorically state that there are no chemicals, additives synthetics, fragrances or colorants, or any other type of cosmetic or man made ingredient in any product we produce. Our ingredients come from sustainable and fair trade sources.

Marble Hill is a well established Natural Skincare & Wellness company headed by CEO Dr Maria McGee MB ChB. Continually researching the development of new products to expand the benefits to an ever increasing customer base, we sincerely wish to have a genuinely positive impact on the well being of all those who choose to buy our products. We absolutely guarantee that our entire range is completely 100% natural.

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