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About Master Growers

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Finding a job as a master grower can be difficult, as it is a competitive field without a lot of turnover or openings available. Here are a few common requirements to help you decide if this position is right for you:

The job title of “Master Grower” belongs to the individual or individuals at a cannabis farm who oversees the horticultural output of the company – Simply put, they are in charge of what the farm grows and how the farm grows it. The master grower understands the needs of the strains being grown at the farm; how much light they prefer, what sort of nutrients should be available in their soil, etc.

What is Required to Become a Master Grower?

The answer to this is that it can depend on a lot of factors, notably location and experience – A master grower with 5+ years experience in California may make a wildly different amount of pay from a new grower at a startup farm in, say, Oklahoma. Our article “How Much Does a master grower Make?” goes into the topic of master grower salary in more detail, and talks about different pay expectations for various regions and skill levels.

Fresh air, beautiful plants, and a relaxing atmosphere are all reasons someone might be attracted to finding work on a cannabis farm. While the thought of tending to the crops all day in a serene environment sounds great, the fantasy may not always match up to the reality. Working on a large scale commercial farm means tending to hundreds or maybe thousands of plants; a more challenging, vastly different experience from your regular home grow. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, rewarding and lucrative work, but getting to that point takes a lot of effort and experience. Whether you’re looking to get into the industry or curious about the process, we’ve got the details on how to become a master grower below.

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