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Leverage sophisticated proprietary modelling and forecasting techniques to understand supply and demand trends and their impact on oil and refined product prices. Fed by fundamental data as well as developments in regulatory policy, our commentaries and publications give you the edge in oil trading.

Refinitiv Oil Research provides the most comprehensive insights on the oil market, as well as oil price movements and oil supply-demand forecasts, which make all the difference between success and failure in the oil trading complex.

What’s driving oil prices?

For oil, the United States is shifting from a net importer to a net exporter. Oil demand is shifting from west to east (along with refinery capacity). After the rapid drop in WTI, traders face the possibility that lower crude oil prices are here to stay.

New trading flow patterns, volatility, regulatory change and economic uncertainties impact market movements daily in constantly evolving ways.

Analysis, commentary and insights from Refinitiv Oil Research can help you comprehend:

Paul Dodds (University College London), Yayoi Sekine (BloombergNEF) and Malcolm Keay (OIES)

In addition to diversifying into new sectors, oil and gas exporters could pursue policies to increase the resilience of their core energy sector in a world transitioning to net-zero emissions by competing on reducing emissions. This Energy Insight argues that technologies related to geological storage of CO2 could play a key role in these countries’ near- and longer-term, low-emissions development.

The new issue of OIES Oil Monthly, including our latest short-term oil market outlook, is now available. This month’s featured In Focus piece focuses on China’s crackdown on the Shandong teapots through the imposition of a consumption tax on blendstocks and tighter scrutiny over import quota trading. The In Focus argues that the crackdown bodes well for the state-owned refiners.

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This issue of the Oxford Energy Forum is devoted to analysing the recent shifts in oil trade flows and the major developments in pricing benchmarks in Middle East crude and products markets. The region is experiencing a series of dramatic structural changes that are transforming crude and products flows, as well as leading to an increased focus on the price.