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pet cbd oil australia

If you do decide to source your CBD oil from “alternative” sources, you should always do your due diligence on the company and product.

Aside from promising pioneer trials, there are many testimonials of people using CBD for anxiety symptoms, epileptic seizures, and inflammatory illnesses, as well as dermatological conditions. But is CBD oil safe for dogs according to science?

We’ve already outlined the legality of CBD for human use in another article. For pet use in Australia, it’s a similar story. CBD is currently a schedule 4 drug, which means it will require a prescription from your vet.

CBD oil for dogs: points to consider

These benefits are all derived from the close relationship between cannabinoids and the human endocannabinoid system. This system regulates multiple physiological functions and maintains homeostasis, or collective bodily balance.

Higher concentrations of cannabidiol may cause diarrhoea and other mild side effects. However, overall, current studies suggest CBD appears to be as safe for dogs as it is for humans.

CBD is conventionally removed from plants using chemical solvents. Solvent-less methods such as Supercritical CO2 Extraction, however, are often preferred. As the latter doesn&#39t use chemicals to strip the plant of its natural material, there’s no risk of residual solvents. These can be carcinogenic or contain certain neurotoxins.

It should be noted however that these trials have only been conducted on a small number of dogs, so more conclusive data may be required.

“Since starting on CBD oil, Chester’s skin has cleared up so much. We no longer have regular courses of steroids and antibiotics. It’s honestly been the most amazing thing for us.” – Stacey, owner of 5 year old English Staffy, “Chester”. Chester suffered with dermatitis on and off for many years.

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Animal owners have reported benefits such as reduced anxiety, apparent reduction of pain, relief from arthritis, reduced inflammation, prevention or recovery from cancer, helping with seizures and epilepsy, and more. You can read some testimonials from animal owners below.

So what is CBD oil then?

The cannabis plant has been used for a number of applications throughout history, stretching back to ancient times. In recent times it has made a comeback, due to it’s versatility in what it can be used for. Hemp fibre is used to make textiles, building materials and food. Marijuana is used to make medicines or to get high. Both of these come from the cannabis plant.

“We have CBD oil to thank for saving our girl. Cancer is a horrible thing to watch a pet go through, and the chemo drugs were so toxic for her. We are so, so thankful that we discovered CBD.” – Geoff, owner of eight year old Boxer, “Tess”. Tess was diagnosed with lymphoma at age six.

“I wholeheartedly believe that CBD is the reason my 21 year old thoroughbred is still with us. The change in him has been remarkable. We no longer use any other joint supplements at all.” – Fiona, owner of 21 year old thoroughbred horse, “Sally”, who has suffered from chronic arthritis since age 15.

CBD oil is typically extracted from the hemp plant. Firstly, CBD oil will not get you high! CBD oil is not psychoactive (psychoactive substances affect the way you think and feel, so they can affect the way you behave). THC (tetrahydocannabinol) is a psychoactive compound that comes from marijuana, which is where the confusion comes from. CBD oil is, in a nutshell, all of the goodness from the cannabis plant, without the THC. It has been vastly studied and researched in recent times. If you hear someone talking about therapeutic benefits of cannabis, chances are that they are talking about CBD oil.