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Benefits & uses of CBD vape cartridges

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Disposable vape pens require no pre-purchased CBD e-liquid. It comes pre-filled and ready to use. Convenient for beginners with no experience vaping CBD. Throw away once the liquid or battery runs out.

The best VG/PG ratio for beginners

Coils with higher resistance (1 ohm or above) are ideal for thinner high-PG CBD vape oils. Coils with lower resistance (below 1 ohm) are ideal for thicker PG-heavy CBD vape oils.

Similar to CBD oils, CBD vape juice has an expiry date. Usually 12-24 months with proper storage. Light (UV or otherwise), heat, and air degrade CBD over time. UV light and heat are the worst culprits. Make sure you store your CBD vape juice in a cool, dry, and dark area. We recommend:

The clue is in the name. CBD dabs are highly-concentrated CBD products carrying very high percentages of cannabidiol. Depending on which CBD concentrate you choose, cannabidiol content can range between 80-99%. Dabs are very potent and not always recommended to beginners – better for experienced users accustomed to delivering high levels of CBD into their bodies.

Depending on the ratio, you get a very different vaping experience. VG-heavy CBD juice is thinner and smoother to vape. PG-heavy juice is thicker with a harsher throat hit. Check CBD brand’s product pages to see the ratio used in your chosen liquid.

VSAVI CBD is 100% organic across the range and offers flavourless CBD to add to your favourite e-liquid, Full Spectrum and Flavoured. For those that prefer Terpenes in their CBD they offer both OG Kush and Lemon Haze.

For me, 100mg is a relative low dose of CBD for your money but for those new to CBD e-liquid 100mg is a good place to start.

6. Provacan CBD E-Liquid (Best Authentic Cannabis Flavour Vape Oil)

Or you can use a CBD vape shot – the same principle as nic shots for short fills.

Provacan CBD vape oil is extracted from whole-plant hemp (Cannabis sativa L) and contains a full-spectrum blend of naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. Our goal from day one has been to deliver the highest grade products based on contemporary, data-driven studies from some of the world’s leading cannabis research organizations. Provacan CBD eLiquid/vape products are formulated in collaboration with leading Israeli researchers and institutions.

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Another reason that PG is used in CBD vape oils, is because it produces a significant amount of vapor when heated. This vapor translates into a big, impressive and satisfying, cloud when exhaled by the user.

Because PG is colorless and odorless, with only a slightly sweet flavor, it makes sense that it would be used in CBD vape oils. It makes it easier for brands to use the natural terpene flavors of CBD oil, or any artificial flavoring they may add, without the taste being impacted.

What is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Brands like Vape Bright avoid this issue by using organic medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) in their CBD vape oils. This creates a more natural vape experience and helps you to avoid the potential damages caused by PG.

But what happens when you consume propylene glycol in your CBD vape oil?

As a food additive, the US Food and Drug Administration, says that PG is generally considered to be safe for consumption. The amounts of PG in foods, and the amount consumed in a typical diet, are relatively low and do not usually show toxicity.