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prescription cbd oil

You can get on a video conference with a doctor or Nurse Practitioner, who will assess you and provide an authorization for medical cannabis. Some of these services are stand-alone whereas others are provided by cannabis clinics as described above.

If your doctor is knowledgeable and willing, count yourself lucky. That said, they are unlikely to have time to educate you on all of the ins-and-outs of medical cannabis, or help you decide which licensed producer to register with. Nor are they likely to have staff at their clinic who can help.

The cost for this service is usually fully-covered by insurance as a home nursing expense.

Cannabis clinics

Very few doctors and specialists are readily prescribing cannabis, for a variety of reasons. Many will simply refer you to a cannabis clinic, or even suggest you go buy it from a retail store.

You can think of this service as a mobile clinic. The nurse will come to your home, provide education, take a medical history and connect with a doctor or Nurse Practitioner to obtain the authorization. She will also help you select an appropriate product and develop a detailed treatment plan and dosing schedule. She will then help register you with a licensed producer so you can order products by phone or on-line, and will follow up with you semi-weekly while you work toward your goal.

Some doctors may have a single licensed producer that they have a relationship with. They will forward your prescription to that producer, who will then call you to help you choose a product. It’s convenient for the doctor, but it doesn’t leave the patient with any choice of producer. This is unfortunate because no single producer can meet the diversity of needs that patients have.

[By the way, Wayfare works with quite a few doctors who are prescribing cannabis but count on us to provide educational support to their patients. We can even help prepare documents you can take to your doctor.]

Any suggestions? I also have concerns about (unfair) drug testing in the workplace as I mainly work in construction.

The cost to get a CBD oil prescription is the cost of your doctor’s appointment. If you consult with us here at the Cannabis Clinic, our prices start at $99. However, the initial consultation is only part of the overall cost.

Hi Tina, thanks for asking. It is great to know that you are optimistic about your GP, lucky you! Regardless of who prescribes CBD oil, the cost is relatively similar. Products are from $70 all the way to over $400, depending on which is on the script and also to which pharmacy you go to. If it is easier for you, once you have the prescription, we do a free nurse consultation who can guide you and your son to the most suitable and priced products on the dispensary and we can help with any follow up or advice as you need over time. You will find the pricing here to be very sharp as we are very keen for plant based medicines. Good luck, let me know if you need any help!

I hope you find this article about CBD oil prescription in NZ useful. Share with us your story or recommendations, I would love to hear it!

Hi Tina, thanks for the question. It is likely that you are being prescribed CBD only. Some products may have a little THC but not much. You really need a low dose THC product alongside the CBD. The only available one at the moment is Sativex, which can cost $900 – $1000 for 3 months supply. We are able to apply special approval for you through our clinic. More THC products will be available in the next 1-2 months also. Bottom line, continue the CBD but you really need to add in THC. Hope this helps!

Hi I’ve recently finally got my 1st bottle of medical marijuana to try but I’m unsure if hemp or other as I was told it had THC. I’m taking 0.25ml 4xtimes a day and the brand is Tilray 25, which the chemist said is 1000mg 40ml bottle with 1ml THC – is that correct? Just about been on it for a month and found some days it works but definitely doesn’t stay in system for 8hrs as it says on Tilray site. I’m putting under my tongue etc. I feel takes up to to 60-90mins to work.

We employ open minded and experienced doctors who can help you through such a decision. We also are able to help you navigate your choices when it comes to products available in the market as we know what is available. With this knowledge, we also try help you save money to bring the costs of the products down.

MBChB (Otago), BSc (Auckland) – As our tele-medicine doctor and author, Dr. Waseem keeps busy educating both patients and doctors about medicinal cannabis. He also consults with people from all over New Zealand, offering a listening ear and giving the most relevant advice.