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Today I’m not coming at you with a proclamation of what you must do. I’m coming at you as a lover of the night time ritual and still slips up.

You’re finally curled up in bed, Netflix streaming, exhausted,when you realize you forgot to take off your makeup. What’s one night? Seriously. The show drags a little and without fully realizing it you’ve been sucked into the late night instagram vortex. An hour passes and you can’t believe you’re still awake. “WTF I thought I was going to be early tonight?” Frustrated you shut everything off and close your eyes.

The second key is to Set a bedtime (that fits YOU)

Know yourself, adjust accordingly.

This one is HUGE. If I want to be energized and productive the next day and not go to sleep with 1000 racing thoughts, I have to do a brain dump. Whether it’s making sure my calendar is up to date, clearing out urgent emails, making tomorrow’s to-do list or just writing out any extra ideas/thoughts that are bouncing around, this practice has been a game changer. I can go to sleep easier knowing that when I wake up I’m not scrambling.

Now that you know your style and your bed time, here are my favorite building blocks for a peaceful and restorative nighttime routine that makes falling asleep a positive experience.

3. Write your thoughts on paper.

7. Make time for creative outlets.

Do you need help creating new routines after you quit drinking?

If you have the financial means, find some soft pajamas or splurge on high thread count bed sheets. Devoting care and attention to your sleep environment can help you feel more comfortable and even elated with going to bed. When I buy new workout clothes, I’m more excited about my workout routine, so in early sobriety, I invested in comfort and my bedroom area was a place I wanted to be.

6. Yoga Nidra.

8. Invest in a skincare routine.