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rx hemp oil

This effective oil can help you manage various types of chronic pain. It can be used by people suffering from Arthritis, joint pains, sourness, and general body fatigue. It can also be used in sharpening the brain and enhancing the overall immune system.

This pure hemp product is one of the healthiest oils. It is full spectrum and does not contain THC. Most people are afraid of using hemp oils due to the perception that THC may be present. THC is the psychoactive product in hemp that causes an abnormal mental reaction when people consume cannabis. This oil has 0% THC and therefore is safe for use without any psychoactive issues.

The relaxation and pain relief effect of Mix Rx Hemp Oil comes from the fact that it targets neurons and receptors. When you consume hemp, it affects your neuron receptors to give you a clear and relaxed state of mind. Like most essential oils, this product is also rich with anti-inflammatory ingredients. They help in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.


It is enriched with hemp extract, giving you up to 16 mg per serving. It is also loaded with fatty acids including Omega 3 and 6. This is one of the few hemp oil products that does not include synthetic ingredients. According to the manufacturer, all the ingredients are organic and are designed to work effectively with the human body.

The Mix Rx Hemp Oil is a pure natural hemp oil that offers all the benefits of hemp. Made in the USA, the oil comes in a 1000mg bottle and is enough to be used by one person for 60 days. Unlike most hemp oils you may have come across online, Mix Rx Hemp Oil has been proven to be effective in pain relief and anxiety.

The oil is also loved due to its ability to enhance mental calm and overall body relaxation. According to the manufactures, the hemp oil is pure hemp extract and contains over 500mg of hemp per bottle.

Besides the fact that Mix Rx Hemp Oil works very well, it does not have the side effects experienced with other hemp oils. When you use this oil you still get to enjoy your sleep. As already mentioned, it does not contain THC which is the main component that causes mental instability. In fact, Mix Rx Hemp Oil slows down the actions of the body giving you a relaxed mind to enjoy your sleep.

HempRx is bottled in an FDA-compliant cGMP facility, and meets the high standards of manufacturing quality control required by the National Animal Supplement Council (

Give 2 drops for each 5 pounds of body weight of your pet twice daily as a starting amount.

The HempRx label gives full disclosure of exactly what this product contains.

HempRx is a pleasant-tasting liquid, slightly nutty tasting from the organic hemp seed oil and slightly floral tasting from the many plant terpenes it contains.

If you would like to see a copy of a recent certificate of analysis for this product please contact us through the contact form and we will be happy to share with you the laboratory analysis showing how potent and pure this product is.