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sensi seeds cbd oil

CBD was isolated and identified in the 1940s by Roger Adams, but its effects have only been thoroughly examined in more recent years. These studies and the growing number of testimonies have demonstrated that CBD has some medicinal properties.

Sensi Seeds has been working with cannabis and cannabinoids for over 30 years. We have been continually developing and perfecting genetics for some time now, and recently made seeds for high CBD varieties available to the public. All of our CBD products are produced by our sister company, HempFlax, based in Groningen and Romania.

But we also see a flaw when it comes to the supply of CBD products. There is no independent and governing body that regulates the sale and manufacture of CBD products. Such a system creates industry standards that consumers can rely on, and without one, there is an enormous lack of consistency between companies, products, and manufacturing practices.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a natural cannabinoid (phytocannabinoid) that occurs in almost all forms of Cannabis Sativa L. Over 113 phytocannabinoids have been identified in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol (CBD), in addition to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBN), is the best known.

Such quality controls are essential. After all, food products undergo rigorous testing for quality and assurance, so as a nutritional supplement, why shouldn’t CBD? Company transparency is an important aspect of this. Consumers should know the source of their cannabis products and under which conditions the plants were grown. The chemical profile of the plant must also be clear, including detailed concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes.

HempFlax has spent years perfecting the CBD extraction process. Our aim has not changed since the outset: to manufacture products of premium quality and purity, with no additional chemicals or additives. We’re about to walk you through the CBD landscape, and the journey from a simple hemp seed to Sensi Seeds’ CBD products.

We believe it’s a good thing that more and more people are discovering the benefits of cannabis. After all, this is something that Sensi Seeds has been fighting for, for over 30 years. Sensi Seeds also has CBD products in its range. We have taken the time and used our experience to develop a pure and perfect range of CBD products. The results perfectly meet the strict standards and requirements we place on all of our products.

CBD oil is often the first CBD product people turn to. Unfortunately, the popularity of CBD oil means that the market is filled with hundreds of products with questionable quality.

Unfortunately, Sensi Seeds does not reveal the results of third-party testing to the public.

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds hemp is cultivated, harvested, and processed by its sister company HempFlax in the northern Netherlands, giving it far better quality control than most CBD brands. The company says this hemp is grown organically but lacks organic certification.

Sensi Seeds’ CBD oil is one of the best full-spectrum CBD tinctures available in Europe. It contains 275–1500 mg of full-spectrum CBD mixed with hemp seed carrier oil and has a potency of 27.5 mg or 50 mg per mL — enough to meet the dosage needs of most CBD users.

Sensi Seeds ships throughout Europe for a cost of €7.50 and internationally for €12.50.