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Expert advice and simple offerings — that’s what Spectrum Therapeutics is all about.

With Spectrum Therapeutics, understanding medical cannabis has never been simpler.

Physician selection of Spectrum Therapeutics (ST) medical cannabis treatment regimen and changes over time in:

Together, physician and subject will complete the follow-up visit assessment measuring:

Duration of Subject Participation and Treatment:

In the event of ST treatment discontinuation or study dropout, physicians will be asked to attempt to follow-up with subjects for the completion of the ST Discontinuation assessment and Exit assessment. Based on physician answers to the ST Discontinuation Assessment, subjects will either stay enrolled in the study (e.g., discontinue all cannabis treatment, but continue to be monitor by site physician for chronic pain), or be withdrawn (e.g., unwilling to stay in the study, switched cannabis licensed producer).

• To describe patterns of physician selection of Spectrum Therapeutics (ST) medical cannabis treatment regimen, expressed as average daily dose of THC and CBD (in mg), and mode of administration (ingested or inhaled), in the management of chronic non-cancer pain in countries where these products are commercially available.

Subjects will be followed for one year, unless the subject withdraws early, either independently or in response to physician recommendation. ST treatment will continue for as long as subjects and physicians agree that there is a benefit and treatment is tolerated.

Subject selection of ST treatment regimen and changes over time in:

Mettrum has used an equivalency factor of 8 in the formulation of all cannabis oil products. Our 40 mL bottle of cannabis oil is equivalent to 5 g of dried cannabis. Therefore, 1 g of dried cannabis is equivalent to 8 mL of oil. However, the effects of oral and inhaled administration are very different and the equivalency factor should not be used to establish an oral dose – it is simply used as a method of calculating your authorized monthly prescribed amount.

Carrier Oil: MCT Oil (Coconut Oil)

Mettrum Yellow Oils are made from a unique strain of cannabis where the predominant cannabinoid produced is CBD (with very little THC). Mettrum Yellow Cannabis Oil is made from a hybrid strain and is standardized to CBD concentration. Mettrum produces cannabis extracts using supercritical fluid CO2 extraction technology. All cannabis extracts are mixed with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil – a highly stable, flavourless and odourless oil that is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and natural products industry.

Oil Dosing Guidance

Solution % Policy: Direct Conversion (30mg/ml = 30%)

Equivalency : 40 mL = 5 grams

This cannabis oil is designed for ingestion, can easily be consumed with food and is a safe alternative to inhalation. It’s important to start low and go slow, as it may take 1-2 hours or longer to begin feeling the effects of cannabis oil after consumption, and the effects may last 6-10 hours or more. This product comes with a 1 mL syringe and helpful information for precise dosing.

Starting Dose: 0.25 mL