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super cbd oil

Directions for use: Take up to eight drops, three times per day. Drop under the tongue and hold in your mouth before swallowing – for maximum absorption.
Do not take more than 21 drops per day.

This 5% CBD oil packs a powerful punch – at twice the strength of our Super CBD Oil. But don’t worry, it’s still THC and CBN free so that you won’t get high. It just contains a higher concentration of CBD, so you get more bang for your buck in the amount of cannabidiol in each drop. It’s a great choice if you’re already taking CBD oil but want a hassle-free way to increase the amount you take each day, without having to take multiple drops. As with all our CBD oil products, this oil made from the highest quality hemp plants – grown without herbicides, pesticides or synthetic nutrients. Instead, we care for the plants by investing in specialist LED lights and treat them to nutrient-rich living soil and compost teas.

Why choose Dr Boateng?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a specific compound we extract from hemp plants. Unlike full-spectrum oils, CBD Oil does not contain any psychoactive or addictive compounds.

Due to the individual complexities of human biology, we’re all unique in how we react to supplements. Suppose you haven’t taken CBD Oil before. In that case, we recommend you start small with the lowest possible dose and gauge your body’s reaction before slowly increasing the amount.

If you have any health concerns or are taking prescribed medicines, we advise you to double-check with your doctor whether CBD oil is safe for you to take.

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