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supherbals cbd oil

While more research needs to be conducted on the positive benefits of CBD Oil, it has shown promising results in treating pain. Preclinical studies of cannabinoids have been investigated in the brain, spinal cord, and nerve endings, to help better understand its role in pain relief, as per WebMD com.

To that end, Regenbogen and Prasker, who admitted to making some foolish mistakes in the past, are looking to give back to the universe and ignite positive transformation with their SupHERBals’ Sacred CBD Oil.

Prasker said SupHERBals, a Staten Island-based CBD Oil company, makes a formula which has Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the main mind-altering cannabinoid, the chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, in just trace amounts.

They wanted to offer a superior CBD Oil product without the steep cost.

Moreover, the full spectrum preparation is mixed with medium chain triglyceride oil (coconut oil) as a base oil and sunflower lecithin to increase bioavailability. Plus, Prasker, a Shaman, infuses and blesses it with reiki and tuning fork energy, for purity and enhanced optimal benefits.

“I realized, after doing research, all these companies were charging exorbitant amounts, for something that should be more affordable,” the Brooklyn-born Prasker said. “CBD isn’t cheap, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be $150 for 1000 mg (bottle).”

These receptors attach with various cannabinoids, providing a measure of relief in several medical conditions.

Many people report pain relief as one of their top reasons for using CBD.

As always, my dear friends, please consult your doctor before starting any supplement protocol! Healthy Crush Medical Disclaimer.

My Favorite CBD Oil Brands

FYI, the main effects I enjoy from CBD oil are help with sleep, relaxation, anxiety, mood and focus.

Alright, that’s my CBD oil report for now. What CBD products do you guys love?

Here are my favorite CBD oil brands at the moment. I’ve personally tried all of them, and I continue to cycle through each one to get a better idea of the effects.

Greg Prasker and Lee & Lana Regenbogen, founders of SupHERBals, pride themselves on sharing their blessed, vibrationally attuned and Reiki infused Sacred CBD Oil with the world.

CBD Oil has been used in conjunction with symptoms related to arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive disorders and many more difficulties. Don’t just live life… live life SupHERBally!!

Bear World Podcast

Everyone deserves to live a life of balance, happiness, and overall well-being. Our friends over at SupHERBals provide the most premium and sacred CBD Oil to love and nourish your body bringing you closer to homeostasis.

SupHERBals, ship all over the USA, head to their website at and take a look, they are offering a 15% discount on all first orders with the code BEARWORLD.

When creating their oil, they only use a superior product which is artisan produced and bottled in small batches. Each bottle of oil is created with the utmost care and the highest standards. It’s a full spectrum oil using all the cannabinoids making it a complete product. The more cannabinoids present the more effective the results.