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The resulting tincture can be used straight as drops under the tongue, or diluted in a drink of your choice.

All the benefits of infusions, but easier to take, simply add 2-5ml’s of your chosen herbal tincture to your water, fruit juice or drink and you can experience the healing properties of these herbs wherever you are, whether you are at work or travelling.

Tinctures are ready-made mixes of herbs and spices designed to help you consume all the medicinal benefits you need on the go. They’re quick, easy and can be dropped into any drink you have with you.

What is a tincture?

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In simple terms, a tincture is a mix of concentrated extracts from plants. These concentrates are created by soaking the herb or spice in an alcohol or alternative solvent for several weeks.

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Using tinctures is an easy way to consume a ready-made mixture of herbs and spices. It’s quicker than using each herb or spice separately and are simple to make and consume.

Make the switch to 100% natural and non-toxic products today

Our mission is simple, to continue to campaign and raise awareness around indoor air pollution and the dirty secret behind a $50bn industry.

We have committed to reducing these landfill figures through our infinitely refillable antimicrobial white bottles and cyclical subscription service that decrease household waste.

Floor Concentrate Refill

The UK alone generates 2.2 million metric tons of plastic each year.

Make the switch to 100% natural and non-toxic products today

Make the switch to 100% natural and non-toxic products today

I first became concerned about pollution as a new mother. Fast forward a few years and a few more children (!) I realised that I had been focusing on protecting them from outside pollutants when the culprits were shockingly much closer to home – it was in fact the indoor air pollution caused by non-toxic cleaning products.