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tinctures for pain

When it comes to utilizing medicinal marijuana, there can be some math involved. You’ll have to figure out what you specifically need to manage your pain. Luckily, the packaging used for selling and distributing marijuana makes these ratios clear. In general, you’ll see 1:1, 5:1, or 10:1, and this is the amount of CBD compared to THC. For example, if you purchase a product that is labeled 1:1, this means that there is an equal amount of CBD to THC. If you purchase a product that is 5:1, this means that there is 5 times more CBD than THC. What works best is going to vary, based on your need, and the type of pain that you experience.

Sublingual application is probably the most popular as it enters through your sublingual artery (under the tongue) and is then rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Because the tincture goes into the bloodstream directly, it doesn't have to pass through the gut or liver. When cannabinoids metabolize in the gut or liver, their effectiveness can be downgraded or even lost altogether. This method is also ideal for those looking to treat intense pain as the rapid ingestion only takes about 15-30 minutes to kick in, with the effects peaking at around 90 minutes.

Understanding Ratios

What is the best tincture for pain? At the end of the day, it is finding what works best for you and your pain management. There are two main strains of THC. These include Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Sativa, as well as hybrids that are a mix of both. When it comes to easy remembering, Indica can playfully be referred to as “In Da Couch.” This strain tends to be more of a full-body relaxing strain of THC. It relaxes the muscles and gives the user a feeling of all-over tension relief. Sativa tends to give the user more of an energetic euphoria. This is best for someone who needs and desires relief from pain but also wants to have the desire and energy to be up and about.

Both CBD and THC are amazing sources of relief for those dealing with pain. In fact, many have turned to utilizing CBD and THC in sync with one another. When utilized together, they help to mitigate certain side effects and enhance efficiency. CBD helps counter some of the sedative euphoric feelings, potential anxiety, and rapid heartbeat that can be associated with THC use. And, it’s believed that many forms of pain are rooted in inflammation, of which CBD soothes, allowing a THC and CBD combination to be a potential one-two punch for quelling pain.

No one enjoys living with pain. It can take away from our day-to-day life and keep us from fully enjoying the world around us. In the medical arena, most pain is treated using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioid prescription medicine. With the ever-rising concern of opioid abuse and dependency, many are looking for a safer alternative. One of the best alternative options isn’t anything new. In fact, it has been used for pain management and healing for more than 12,000 years. This medical alternative is marijuana.

CBD is a cannabinoid – in other words, it’s one of over 100 compounds that can be extracted from hemp. You may also be familiar with THC, which is another cannabinoid. However, unlike THC, hemp-derived CBD is legal in the U.S. and is NOT psychoactive; it doesn’t produce any sort of high. Some CBD oils contain other cannabinoids, including low levels of THC, but our products at Every Day Optimal are all 100% THC free.

With that said, here are dosage ranges for different kinds of pain that give you an idea of the typical effective dose. Try starting with a low dose administered two to three times daily.

Using CBD Tinctures

If you’re considering trying cannabidiol (CBD) for pain relief, tinctures are a great place to start. They’re portable and highly concentrated, so it doesn’t take much to do the job – that is, as long as you have the right dosage.

Living with chronic pain can be challenging, and CBD oil for pain can help you manage your pain and get back to doing the things you enjoy. Just remember that finding the best dosage for you is often a matter of trial and error, so be prepared to be patient.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using CBD to alleviate your pain.

This tincture is also quite popular for people who want to quit smoking nicotine or any other substance. That counts for THC as well, perfect for someone looking to get a tolerance break). CBD is so strong that it calms that very need. We should also mention that the tincture is made with MCT Oil, which is great for digesting fat and nutrients, weight loss, and appetite control.

For anyone looking for a very rich-CBD product, look no further because this 40:1 Care By Design tincture is the highest we have (well that’s only the case if you don’t have a medical card). A staggering 32mg of CBD per serving and contains less than 1 mg of THC per serving. What are some of the benefits that come with such a high amount of CBD? First, so much CBD is exceptionally relaxing for our bodies! CBD is linked to our CB2 receptors, which are located all around our immune system. This includes your arms, legs, gut, and back. When the CBD binds to CB2 receptors, it calms the immune system down, creating a very relaxing feeling without the psychotropic effects.

Staying true to its name, this tincture really lightens the mood. Everything just feels better with Mood Magic. Some patients we meet say it’s helped them get through menstrual pain, all while making even the simplest of tasks just a little more bearable. That said, it’s the THC that helps with the pain. Since THC calms our nervous system, it’s great for all sorts of relief and relaxation.

#4: THC Mood Magic Tincture – Yummi Karma

These cannabis oils have a reputation for having a fast onset. A tincture will usually kick in 25-40 minutes and last about 5-6 hours*. What we love about tinctures is that the feeling is gradual, rather than an immediate effect like that of smoking cannabis.

Another awesome aspect we love; Cosmic View makes this tincture with sustainably grown cannabis, using the best parts of the flower to offer the full-spectrum effect. They also use 100% pure holistic ingredients for this tincture.

This wonderful tincture is made by Cosmic View, one of the many women-owned companies we carry. This tincture has a CBD-rich ratio of 3:1, making it ideal for daytime use for work or simple tasks. What we love most about this tincture is its ability to make the body feel whole. CBD harmoniously regulates serotonin levels, which helps with appetite, mood swings, and anxiety.

So, without further ado, we’d like to share some of our favorite tinctures at The Higher Path. All 5 are well-respected, all-around amazing products, but each carries its own unique benefits.