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top cannabis sites

Cannabis blogs are generally personal blogs by those who smoke cannabis. Often these people have unique situations that make there enjoyment of cannabis interesting or controversial.

Cannabis information websites are focused on providing information on dispensaries, weed strains, and local cannabis laws.

We know this isn’t an all inclusive list. If you have suggestions for other sites let us know. Be aware that there is no guarantee that your recommendation will be included as inclusion to this list is based on merit.


We will break these resources down to the categories of news, information, reviews, and blogs. Some of these will be well known and others may not be popular but should be. If you have any other websites or resources that you feel should be included on this list be sure to let us know.

Review sites evaluate different strains of cannabis and also review products and accessories related to using cannabis including vaporizers, pipes, bongs, and grinders. The best review sites buy the products and offer in depth review, like the ones you see here at

These are the best websites for cannabis news. Each one of these sites update their content regularly so that you can be up to date on issues like legalization, cannabis economics, politics, etc.

As cannabis advocates, has done a lot of surfing the web on different cannabis-related websites. It can be hard to find the best since there are so many out there and it can sometimes be tough to find good resources through search engines. Because of this we decided to create this list of the best cannabis websites on the internet.

Breeze also offers medicinal herbs in bulk, as well as custom-mixed compounding herbs, available as herbal tea blends or tinctures. Their website’s extensive blogs, grower features, and other educational resources spotlight the benefits of herbs of all kinds.

The best sites increase engagement with their audience (and with Google) by keeping their original content fresh and informative, whether in the form of blogs, videos, or social media posts. Even if you aren’t blogging, always keep your site current.

They have an impressive library of articles and FAQs, as well as a blog page that is updated at least every couple of weeks. Finally, they categorize their products into five “feelings,” helping those new to cannabis find the perfect product for their needs.

Breeze Botanicals

The cannabis industry is now a major part of the wellness business. Successful dispensaries find new cannabis consumers by educating their local communities about how cannabis relates to wellness and engaging them through their websites, emails, and social channels.

Tips for Setting Up Dispensary Online Ordering

There’s even a dedicated section on the site targeting people from major cities in the nearby non-legal states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

One other differentiator is a section of their site dedicated to corporate responsibility, featuring giving programs and community partners.