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I'm a lightweight, but Standard Dose makes a mellow-high tincture that's perfect for getting through the workday.

Bartenders have been so quick to see whether they could incorporate marijuana into drinks, they didn’t stop to ask whether they should.

Cannabis Cocktails Will Be Everywhere—But Are They Even Any Good?

Been wondering what the dealio is with all of those legal joints floating around the 'net? Here's who's leading the pack of smokeable hemp.

What to get the stoner dad who’s lived (and smoked) through it all? CBD joints, heavy-duty ashtrays, and a Cameo from Tommy Chong.

We're all BFFs with CBD by now, but here comes the hot shot new kid in town: smokeable CBG. (And yeah, we've got a discount code.)

A case report suggests that CBD oil contributed to someone's death. Some scientists—and the weed industry—aren’t so sure.

My job made me hate the universe so instead of self-help books I turned to CBD, THC and YouTube.

Cannabis Oil Helped Me Through a Job-Anxiety Spiral

Can an unopened jar of chocolate spread be "art"?

This year has seen an explosion in food products made with CBD oil, a non-psychoactive derivative of the cannabis plant. Advocates say it can remedy everything from pain relief to insomnia, but science isn't so sure.

In recent years, media attention has attributed the anxiety, depression, and suicide among farmers to factors beyond their control. Could growing cannabis for CBD turn the tide?

Television networks are continuing to dive further into the cannabis industry. Kings of Kush

Anthony Sullivan, an indefatigable TV pitchman for OxiClean and other products, stars in a new unscripted series called Kings of Kush. The 10-episode show, launching this week on A+E’s Vice, follows Sullivan as he and his partners become hemp farmers in rural Vermont.

10-episode show comes from reality maven Thom Beers