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vital 360 cbd oil

The following are the benefits Vital360 CBD can bring to you, seen from the energetic point of view:

Vital Force Technology (VFT) lab has created Vital 360 CBD formula that combines several energy patterns based on different extracts of the Cannabis that were infused into the full spectrum cannabinoid extract (Elixinol Hemp Oil).

Two concentrations are available for this formula: Formula 100 – 3.33 mg / Formula 300 – 10 mg

It has proven able to reduce the electromagnetic energy in the area around the infused transformer by 35%.

Each EMF Transformer package comes with one EMF Transformer and is charged with “Vital Force Technology ™ scientific formula-based energetic patterns to neutralize the over excitation of the brain caused by harmful electromagnetic fields.

The EMF Transformer™ can be used on any electronic device.

The EMF Transformer™ protects the phone user in 2 ways: by transforming the electromagnetic field and by maintaining the dynamic equilibrium of the brain waves while you are on the phone.

Energy Tools International’s EMF Transformer shields the negative effects of EMF’s. By emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies, the EMF Transformer also helps to block the effects of harmful and stray electromagnetic radiation which we are exposed to every day. The all-natural, non-toxic EMF Transformer corrects and filters the energies flowing in and through the human body to bring balance to the body’s electrical system.

Most importantly, it helps to compensate for the “jamming” effect of the ‘energetic viruses’ on the energetic system of the body and produces a healing and regulating effect on the system.