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what are terpenes in cbd oil

What’s the best type of CBD oil?

The entourage effect and why it’s so important

Alpha-pinene is one of the most common terpenes in the world , and it’s found in pine needles, rosemary, and basil in addition to CBD. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, and it works as a bronchodilator , which means it opens up the airway passages quickly in emergency situations like an asthma attack. Alpha-pinene also helps with pain relief, aids memory, and boosts energy levels.

There’s more to CBD’s therapeutic benefits than CBD itself

A 2011 study by Russo proved that, even without the presence of THC, terpenes still worked synergistically to produce the Entourage Effect. This resulted in a more complete therapeutic experience for the user. This means that a CBD product with CBD and terpenes is far more effective than a product that only contains CBD. But this leaves one question unanswered. How do you know that your product has terpenes?

Also, buy CBD from companies like Colorado Botanicals that are transparent about their production processes. Colorado Botanicals advocates for the importance of terpenes. The company uses third-party lab testing to verify that all of their products contain them and shares those results on its official website. Additionally, Colorado Botanicals uses colder extraction and separation techniques to retain more terpenes and flavonoids, resulting in more effective products.

What does this mean for CBD products? CBD products also benefit from the Entourage Effect. For example, terpenes present in CBD oil help the body in three important ways. They improve our ability to absorb beneficial chemicals through the blood-brain barrier, overcome bacterial defense mechanisms, and increase the absorption and effectiveness of cannabinoids.

Two professors – Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben-Shabat – first discovered the Entourage Effect in 1998 . They found that certain terpenes either prohibited or encouraged binding to cannabinoid receptors in the body. Their findings were later backed by several other studies, most notably 2007 and 2018 studies from Dr. Ethan Russo, MD.

Linalool is the reason that lavender smells like lavender, and scientists believe that this terpene could even be responsible for lavender’s sleep-promoting effects . Linalool is also an antioxidant, and it appears to have mood-balancing benefits

Also found in pine trees, pinene has two forms that each has distinctive, piney scents. Pinene is one of the most common terpenes in hemp, and it appears to have antioxidant benefits.

While commonly used in Chinese medicine under the name “moxa,” Borneol hasn’t received much attention in the Western world until recently. This terpene is extremely rare in hemp, but it appears that borneol has powerful analgesic properties that complement its sharp, herbal aroma. Borneol is also found in camphor, mint, and mugwort.

11. Borneol

One notable exception is live resin CBD extract, which preserves both the flavors and aromas of hemp terpenes almost perfectly. It’s also possible to reintroduce isolated cannabis-derived terpenes into full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD products after they are formulated.

Aside from our top-shelf hemp nugs, we also take great care to preserve the terpenes in our other products. From our Hemp Flower Nectar tincture to our Live Resin Hemp Badder, we afford terpenes the respect they deserve by only including full-spectrum hemp extract in our products. Some of our products even contain live resin, which is even more delicious and terpene-rich.

Sabinene is a rare terpene that’s present in Norway spruce, carrot seeds, and black pepper. This terpene has a spicy, woody aroma, and it appears that sabinene has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Isoborneol has the same molecules as borneol, but they are arranged in a different structure. This terpene is found in the same non-hemp plant sources as borneol, and it has a similar aroma. While borneol smells more like mint, however, isoborneol smells more like cinnamon. Like borneol, isoborneol is very rare in hemp cultivars.