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where to buy cbd oil in france

The e-liquids containing CBD are not all equal. CBD levels vary from simple to double, without ever exceeding the standard in force. Our advisers will answer your questions and your doubts about choosing the right product.

Wax is one of the most concentrated products in CBD. Heated at low temperature to extract the active ingredients, the wax has a dry and crumbly texture. Its use is primarily food. You can mix it with a hot drink, as you would with honey.

For regular users as well as beginners who wish to learn about the product, buying CBD in France above all allows you to take advantage of benefits of cannabis legally:

Buy CBD legally in e-liquid for e-cigarettes

La sale of pure CBD or from authorized hemp plants is not, however, affected by this legal framework. Unlike the sale of recreational cannabis, the sale of CBD cannabis is free. If it is therefore not possible to obtain weed legally, CBD products are perfectly legal and in no way considered drugs.

Be careful though, make sure you go through a serious dealer, for example by checking the comments available online, but also by making sure that it communicates the composition of the products as well as the results of tests verifying the cannabinoid levels. A clean growing method (without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or heavy metals) is also always preferable, ideally according to the rules of organic farming.

From these legal plants, a multitude of products are created. All have different modes of use and desired effects. For example, there are many oils, especially used in cosmetic purposes. They are also excellent food supplements thanks to their natural richness in omega 3 and 6. Cannabidiol is finally used in e-liquid for electronic cigarettes or cosmetic. Internationally, the marketing of CBD products for mass retail is becoming more and more concrete.

Within the European Union (EU), there are fairly substantial disparities between countries. Depending on where you live in Europe, you may not be allowed to buy the same kind of product. European law takes precedence over national laws, however. In France, the framework voted by the European Parliament therefore prevails. It implies that only plants of c (also called cultivated hemp) whose THC level is less than 0,2% can be grown and then used for legal commercial purposes. It is therefore possible tobuy CBD in France legally.

Only the most interesting components for the consumer are thus preserved and light cannabis can act in synergy to offer more marked effects: this is theentourage effect. Good quality CBD oils preserve these substances during the extraction process. So a good quality CBD oil comes from a solvent-free extraction method dangerous for health and the organism which preserves its qualities and its benefits. This is mainly the case with CO extraction2 supercritical. If you are interested in extraction processes, you can consult our article about it.

Le CBD, or cannabidiol, is now available in many forms in various countries. This molecule from the family of cannabinoids comes from hemp. Despite a reputation that is still sometimes controversial, CBD has nothing to do with another well-known hemp molecule: the THC. Le CBD and THC differentiate from the point of view of the effects on the organism, their nature but also addictive effects. Indeed, if THC is a psychoactive and addictive substance, CBD seems to have only beneficial effects. It does not cause a feeling of euphoria, does not alter your state of consciousness, does not have major side effects, and above all presents no risk of dependence.

Hemp oil or CBD oil in France: what’s the difference?

CBD oil in France does not contain no psychoactive principles and therefore does not get high. It does not lead to addiction either. Before being used, CBD oil must be extracted from the plant. We first select plants with a high CBD content, but whose THC level is less than 0,2%. Aromatic compounds (terpenes and flavonoids), CBD and other cannabinoids (CBG in particular) can then be extracted.

CBD oil in France also enters into the composition of some liquids for electronic cigarettes, also called CBD e-liquids. The electronic cigarette allows the smoker wishing to stop smoking to keep the gestures while getting rid of the harmful agents present in conventional cigarettes. No major addictive effects is, in fact, recognized in cannabidiol which would seem on the contrary to contribute to relieve addictions. This is valid for both nicotine and THC and therefore concerns both tobacco smokers and black market cannabis smokers who wish to switch to a legal, clean and less harmful product.

In France, a relatively austere country when it comes to the use and marketing of cannabis-derived products, we like to be picky about the names and words used. Thus, a common confusion considers indifferently CBD oil de l ‘ hemp oil. Although made from the same plant, they are two different types of oil. The first is obtained like a traditional vegetable oil. The seeds are simply pressed here, until oil is obtained.