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where to buy cbd oil in nova scotia

This page was last updated March 14th, 2021.

Before you head out shopping, make sure that you have your government-issued ID, even 2 separate forms of ID just to be safe. Even though CBD is 100% legal in Halifax, the rules are very strict on who can buy cannabis products. If you don’t have an ID, you won’t be buying CBD.

Best Places to Find CBD Oil in Halifax

While the majority of their products are full of THC, they also have CBD balms, tinctures, and oil on display.

They work 6 days a week, excluding Sundays, from 9 AM to 9. Their website serves only as a place of information, while their store is located at 2411 Agricola Street. You can also give them a call at (902) 492-0070

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Halifax, just as it’s legal everywhere else in Canada. The federal government officially legalized cannabis for recreational use, and this includes CBD oil. It’s now possible to walk into a cannabis dispensary with just a photo ID and leave with a bottle of CBD.

If you’re just in the mood to explore, the Halifax Waterfront is the city’s hotspot. Here you’ll find shops, cafes and restaurants, bars and breweries, and you might even be able to catch a street performance along the way.

All you have to do to get CBD oil in Halifax as a tourist is bring your ID to your nearest CBD retailer that proves you’re 19 or older. It’s a good idea to have 2 forms of ID if possible, like your passport and driver’s license.

The Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market has been around since 1750 when it was established by royal decree. You can find a range of goods sold here – everything from baked goods and fresh produce to handmade soaps and artisan jewelry.

Visit the Victorian Era at Halifax Public Gardens

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CBD Salve Cream

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The CBD Hemp & Haze store can be found at 287 Lacewood Dr. It’s a small retailer that doesn’t have much of an online presence, but the CBD selection makes up for that. One Google reviewer sings its praises: “Super knowledgeable and they have an amazing option, particularly edibles, of everything you need. Recommend strongly.”

Nova Scotia is the most populated province in the Maritimes. As a resource-based economy, the province has the distinction of being the world’s largest exporter of Christmas trees and lobster. The province is well known for famous attractions, including Peggy’s Cove, the Cabot Trail and being home to the Bluenose – the racing schooner featured on the Canadian dime.

If you have one of the conditions listed above or another condition that you think may be helped by medical cannabis, you may fill out our online form to consult with one of our doctors.

We are currently scheduling remote consultations throughout Nova Scotia. If you would like to have an online meeting with one of our practitioners to explore whether medical cannabis might be right for you, please fill out our webform to make a Telemedicine Appointment. All appointments are free of charge to the patient.

About Nova Scotia

Medical cannabis has been used legally by patients throughout Nova Scotia since 2001. There are many forms and strains of medical cannabis, including those that contain CBD only, THC only (the psychoactive compound in cannabis) or a combination of both. When you get your prescription through CannaWay Clinic, we will assess your needs and develop a treatment plan based on your needs and condition.

Accessing medical cannabis in Nova Scotia is a unique process. You do not need to have a referral from your doctor to have a consultation with one of our physicians. Start by scheduling your virtual appointment using our online form.

Because consultations can take place remotely, we can work with patients from anywhere in Nova Scotia, including Halifax, Sydney, Yarmouth, Digby and Pictou.

At CannaWay Clinic, we develop custom treatment plans for our patients and continually monitor their progress, so we know when to adjust their doses or try a new strain.