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Our company, Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Agriculture Sales Cooperatives Union, was founded in 2001 with the capitals of 30 affiliated cooperatives and 28.000 producers. We aim to market, distribute and sell our Partners’ products in both domestic and foreign markets in the most effective way. Further strengthening the presence of our long-standing Union and being prepared for the possible negative effects of globalization in our sector form the founding principles of our Company.

Dating back to 1915, Tariş is a vital bridge connecting Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Union to the future. Our company, which was established with this responsibility in mind, has short, mid and long term corporate, technological and administrative goals which are revised and adapted according to ever-changing circumstances.

The Union provides these services to its Partners:

Providing healthy saplings that meet the climatic requirements of the region,
Supplying suitable agricultural fertilizer,
Agricultural pest control in the olive groves,
Preparing all sorts of analysis reports that Producers need,
Planting of saplings with modern, productive methods,
Accurate pruning of mature olive trees for renewal,
Establishment of reference olive groves and enhancement of current groves through proper care,
Providing trainings for pruning and help transition to mechanical harvesting which increases the yield and quality,
Providing harvesting machines as loans,
Providing cash and non-cash loans in exchange for crop,
Milling and analysis of Partners’ crops in continuous-system facilities and purchasing,
Development of new products, thereby increasing the value of Partners’ products,
Giving the Partners their share out of operating profits

Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Agriculture Sales Cooperatives Union today consists of 30 cooperatives in the cities Aydın, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, İzmir, Manisa and Muğla.

From cultivation to utilisation of by-products, Tariş has a highly organized structure in every level of operation and is the largest establishment in the sector. Owned by 28.000 producer-partners, it owns and operates 30 modern continuous-system olive milling facilities, 14 olive brining plants, combined olive and olive oil production facility, an R&D department; possesses International Olive Oil Council-accredited laboratories, ISO9000 and ISO9002 Certifications.

We take justified pride in providing the true olive oil to domestic consumers via our dealers, chain stores and product aisles in various cities; and to consumers all over the world via our importers.

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